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Heat Pumps and Heat Pump Services in Spring, TX

Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling - Heat Pumps

Spring, TX has the right kind of environment for a heat pump – hot summers followed by comparatively mild winters. The technology uses the same principles as an air conditioner, but also acts as a heater in the winter months, allowing for greater convenience and savings than separate air conditioners and heaters. Because the technology is basically the same, a good air conditioning service company can install and maintain a heat pump for you. However, don’t be fooled by companies that can’t tell the difference between the two, or who haven’t had practical experiencing servicing heat pumps. The experts at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling know how a heat pump is distinctive from a traditional air conditioner, and can apply that knowledge to give you a superior installation and repair experience. Call our air conditioning experts today and let us show you what we can do!

For quality heat pumps and comprehensive heat pump services, call Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling in Spring, TX today and schedule an appointment with us.

How do Heat Pumps Work?

To understand how heat pumps work, it’s important to understand how air conditioners work. The process depends on refrigerant moving through a closed loop that consists of components both inside and outside your house. The refrigerant starts the cycle as a gas, then moves into a compressor array located outside your home. That shifts it into a liquid form while placing it under a great deal of pressure, and the process bleeds heat into the outside air (which is why it’s not located in your home). The pressurized liquid then moves inside where it enters an expansion coil and shifts back to a gas. The process pulls heat from the nearby air, which is cooled and can then be moved into your home through the duct system.

Reversibility Means Savings

The only difference between a heat pump and an air conditioner is that that cycle can be reversed. That is, the compressor on the outside can be switched to an expansion coil– releasing cool air outside – while the expansion coil becomes a compressor – releasing hot air inside. That combines a heater and an air conditioner into one simple system, allowing you to set the temperature at whatever you wish using the same appliance for both. Heat pumps cost less to operate than gas or electric heaters, saving you on monthly bills in the winter.

Call Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling for All Your Heat Pump Needs in Spring, TX

Heat pumps tend to work most efficiently in places with mild winters, where the temperatures dip down enough to need a heater, but don’t hit the freezing cold of the East Coast. That makes Spring, TX an excellent spot to install one, and Spring, TX residents can rely on Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling to do the job right. Not only that, but we can set up a service schedule to keep your new heat pump running the way it’s supposed to, and in the unlikely event of a breakdown, can perform repairs with speed and efficiency. If you think a heat pump is right for you, or you already have one and it requires servicing, pick up the phone and give us a call!