Water Softeners

Water Softener.
Water Softener.

Water Softeners

Are you looking for a solution for hard water? Water softeners are the answer!

Hard water wreaks havoc on your Spring, TX, home’s plumbing system, but water softeners treat it by removing high levels of minerals, like magnesium and calcium

At Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling, we work hard to provide practical plumbing and home solutions. Our team of professionals has the knowledge and tools to improve your water quality and keep your plumbing equipment in top condition. For water softener system installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services in Texas that you can depend on, look to our experts!

What Is the Purpose of Water Softeners?

When your home has hard water, your plumbing appliances suffer. Hard water can also negatively impact your hair and skin. It can result in cloudy, unclean dishes and prevent your clothes from being thoroughly washed.

Water softeners can counteract the effects of hard water. Water softener systems improve the quality of your water, benefiting you and protecting your plumbing equipment.

Benefits of Using Water Softeners

Add a whole-home water softener system to your home to enjoy these benefits:

  • You reduce the risk of damaging your water heater and other plumbing appliances.
  • You decrease the amount of limescale buildup on your plumbing appliances and help them last longer.
  • Your dishes and glassware will look brighter, clearer, and cleaner.
  • Your clothes will have fewer to no stains and be cleaner and softer after a wash.
  • Your sinks, faucets, and bathroom and kitchen surfaces won’t have soap scum.
  • You reduce the risk of your pipes clogging.
  • Your skin and hair will feel softer and cleaner.

How Does a Water Softener Work?

Water softeners get rid of calcium and magnesium ions. Water will enter through the water softener’s main tank and then pass through resin beads, which attract and hold onto the minerals in the water. The softened water will exit the tank and move through your Texas home’s plumbing system.

Be sure to perform routine maintenance on your water softener system so it can continue operating efficiently. Water constantly runs through the system, so if you do not maintain the system, it may end up with a buildup of rust or residue.

Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling is here to install your water softener system, replace it if outdated, repair any issues, and maintain your system for you! Give us a call to assist with any of your water softener needs.

Add a Water Softener to Your Home

Improve your Spring, TX, home’s water quality by installing a water softener today! Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling can provide the solutions you need for a safer and healthier home. Call us at 281-645-9596 or request service online.

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