Residential HVAC Zone Control Systems

Zone Control service.
Zone Control service.

Your Spring, TX, home should be your sanctuary, but how comfortable is it? Everyone deserves to enjoy their home, so if you could use a little boost in comfort, consider zone control systems.

Imagine no more hot or cold spots and having the option to adjust the temperature in specific areas of your Texas home, all without impacting the temperature anywhere else! Zone controls help make this possible.

For the most trusted and best-quality zone control services, look to Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling. We install, replace, repair, and maintain zone control systems to ensure homeowners in Spring, TX remain comfortable each day of the year!

What Are Zone Control Systems?

Zone control systems allow you to control the temperature of individual rooms or areas.

You can heat or cool any designated rooms as you see fit. Is your bonus room feeling a little chilly? Crank the temperature up without interfering with the temperature in any other areas of your Spring, TX, home. Is your upstairs a little too hot? Adjust the thermostat and relax!

How Do Zone Control Systems Work?

Our technicians will install thermostats in each zone as well as mechanical dampers in your ductwork to direct the airflow. A central control panel will allow you to adjust the temperatures throughout your home.

Advantages of Zone Control Systems

Installing zone control systems are beneficial for many reasons. Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • Less energy waste: Why waste money heating an empty room? Not every area of your home needs additional heating or cooling support. With a zone control system, you can individually adjust temperatures in the parts of your home where you spend the most time rather than depending on one single thermostat for your entire home. Targeted heating and cooling translates to reduced energy use.
  • Increased savings: Using less energy means you will cut down your energy bill and can enjoy some serious savings! The average household can save up to 30 percent on heating and cooling costs on their utility bills when effective zoning systems are installed and properly used.
  • Flexibility in heating and cooling: Each area of your home is unique—some areas may need additional heating and cooling support. Construction methods, layout, location, and other factors can impact your heating and cooling in different areas. With zoning, you can account for these unique factors to deliver precise comfort in any area of your home.
  • Improved level of comfort: You just can’t beat targeted heating and cooling! Being able to adjust the temperature of each room you are in without affecting other areas of your home is the ultimate path toward comfort. Instead of having to constantly increase and decrease a single thermostat, you will have ultimate control over each area in your home. You can stay cool or crank up the heat while another member of your household adjusts the temperature of the room they are in according to their own liking!

Can I Add Zones to My Current HVAC System?

Yes! Our Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling professionals can retrofit zone control systems to work with your existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. That means you can enjoy all that zone controls have to offer without being forced to purchase a new furnace or air conditioner.

We can discuss the best course of action to take to ensure your zone control systems are set up properly. Our experts have the knowledge, experience, and drive to bring your home to an entirely new level of comfort. Contact us today for your free consultation!

Zone Control System Installation and Replacement

For zone control system installation, trust in our Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling professionals. We can help you achieve superior comfort and enjoy a significant amount of energy savings for years to come!

We can retrofit a zone control system into the ductwork of your historic property—or we can install zone controls throughout your new construction home! Before we begin any work, we will provide you with an honest and upfront estimate. We value our customers and work hard to honor our promises. Our team can provide a detailed plan and begin installing your zone control system in no time. Give us a call to get started!

Don’t let your budget prevent you from experiencing ultimate comfort at home. Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling offers financing to ensure you get the exact equipment you want for your home while also staying on track with your finances. Call us to learn more and to find out if you qualify.

Zone Control System Repairs

If you suspect or discover a problem with your zone control system, just give our professionals a call. Our Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling repair experts can diagnose the issue and fix it. We know how to repair these systems with minimal disruption to your home.

We promise we will never replace a part unless it is necessary or if we can demonstrate significant cost savings. Our entire team is committed to providing you with the best quality service possible, and we will always do our best to work around your schedule so we disrupt your daily routine as little as possible.

Zone Control System Maintenance

It’s just as important to schedule routine maintenance for your zone control systems as it is for any other important system in your home. Preventative maintenance is an excellent way to reduce the risk of a major and costly problem, and it also ensures your HVAC equipment operates quietly and efficiently.

At Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling, we are committed to keeping all of your home’s most valuable heating and cooling equipment in top shape. We offer our Milton's Value Plan to ensure all of zone control systems receive top-quality care and routine maintenance. Sign up today and enjoy routine maintenance visits, cleanings, tune-ups, discounts, and priority service.

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