Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning service.
Air Conditioning service.

Imagine how uncomfortable it would be if your Spring, TX, air conditioner (AC) broke down on the hottest day of the year.

Don’t risk your comfort—turn to Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling for top-quality air conditioning installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services. We have been providing top-tier heating and cooling services throughout Texas for over three decades! Let us be your preferred choice for creating a comfortable home.

We offer 24/7 emergency service and work hard to maintain our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and our many 5-star [Google-reviews]. There’s no greater company to trust for all your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) needs!

Air Conditioning Services in Spring, TX

From central air conditioning to a ductless AC unit, our Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling professionals offer a variety of cooling options. Let’s discuss your cooling goals and select a system that will help you achieve them.

We install and service many air conditioning brands and stand by our work. Whether you are ready for your free air conditioning consultation and estimate or have an air conditioning problem that requires emergency repair, know Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling is always here for you.

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

When you need to add a new air conditioner to your new construction home, Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling is here to help you all the way! We will help you select a make and model that meets your needs and then install it to ensure its efficient operation for many years.

If you already have an air conditioner but are experiencing trouble with it and wondering if it is better to repair or replace your unit, leave it to our experts to help you decide!

While we can repair many problems, sometimes it makes more sense to opt for a complete replacement. You may choose to replace rather than repair your unit if the following are true:

  • Your air conditioner is nearing the end of its service life of about 10-15 years.
  • You have spent money on countless repairs.
  • Your system is no longer efficient.
  • You have hot and cold spots in your home.
  • You are interested in upgrading to a newer model.

If the cost of a new air conditioning system is preventing you from replacing your current, outdated unit, Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling is here with solutions. We offer competitive financing so you can choose the system you want without going over budget. Contact one of our professionals to learn more today!

How Much Money Can a New Air Conditioner Save You?

Our SEER2 (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio 2) energy savings calculator can help determine how much you could save on your utility bills. Simply enter your current unit’s SEER value and compare it to a newer, more efficient SEER2 unit. You can even customize it to better match your home’s system for a more accurate calculation.


SEER2 Energy Savings Calculator

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Annual Cost
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Annual Cost

Estimated 15-Year Savings:*
${{ projectedSavings }}

{{ year }} {{ state }} average residential electricity retail price of {{ price }}¢/kWH**.
*Based on an average annual utility rate increase of {{ avgUtilityIncrease }}%.

This calculator does not guarantee actual costs or savings and is only to be used for educational purposes.

Customize to Your Home

Adjust these settings for a more accurate calculation:




Rate (¢/kWH)


Average Annual Cooling Hours***

Historical Comparison

{{ state }}'s electricity prices compared to {{ yearFifteenYearsAgo }}.

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{{ priceFifteenYearsAgo }}¢/kWH

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{{ price }}¢/kWH

** Data from U.S. Energy Information Administration
*** Data from 2002 EPA study

** Data for Canadian cities from
*** Data from

Air Conditioning Repairs

Even when you schedule routine air conditioning maintenance services, issues can happen from time to time. When you suspect there is a problem with your system—or your entire unit has broken down—just know Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling is only a call away!

You should never ignore a problem with your air conditioner. Even minor problems can develop and eventually result in a costly repair. Let our experts diagnose and address any issues as soon as you discover them. We are available 24/7 for emergency services and can be there whenever you need us!

How Do I Know If My AC Needs Repair?

Some common signs that could indicate a problem with your air conditioner that warrants repair include:

  • Your air conditioner is not cooling your entire home—or isn’t doing so effectively.
  • Warm air is blowing out of your vents.
  • Your system stops and then starts again, which is also known as short cycling.
  • You hear your air conditioning system making strange and unusual noises.
  • There are hot and cold spots in your home.
  • You are not sure why, but you notice your energy bills have increased.
  • Your indoor air quality (IAQ) is worse than usual.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Our goal at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling is to keep your air conditioner running at peak efficiency. That’s why our professionals recommend scheduling at least one maintenance visit every year, preferably before the warmer weather arrives when you will be using your system more frequently.

When our highly skilled and trained professionals perform maintenance on your air conditioning system, you can enjoy greater efficiency, extend its service life, and reduce the risk of a complete breakdown. Maintenance offers peace of mind. If any issues are uncovered during your maintenance visit, our experts can repair them on the spot!

At Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling, we recommend preventative maintenance services, and to show our support, we offer our Milton's Value Plan. Take advantage of our maintenance program so your air conditioner remains in great shape! You will also receive specials and promotions along with discounted rates and priority service ahead of nonmembers.

We Have Air Conditioning Solutions!

Whether you need to install a brand new air conditioner or replace, repair, or maintain your Spring, TX, home’s current unit, Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling is prepared to take on the job. Leave all your air conditioning needs to our top professionals. Call us at 281-645-9596 or request service online.

Need Air Conditioner Service?

Contact the experts at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling.

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“We had our annual review this week of our 4 air conditioning units. Richard Enciso, who has been our technician many times before, did this inspection and did his usual very thorough and competent work. He discovered that the 2 units which were the last original equipment from when the house was built 20 years ago were no longer working and could not be repaired because of current environmental issues. Richard was able to get the 2 new Trane units ordered and arranged for them to be installed 2 days later. A 2 man crew arrived as scheduled at 8:30, worked without stopping until 1:30, and did a great job of removing the old units and installing the new ones, which are now working well. We plan to continue using Milton Frank for our a/c, heating and plumbing needs in the future.”
- Greg S.

“I spoke with Richard today, looking for an estimate on an air condition system. Richard was courteous and professional. He was knowledgeable and accommodating with all my questions and information. Would recommend Milton Frank Plumbing to anyone looking for AC services.”

- Stephanie L.