What to Expect During Sewer Line Replacement

What to Expect During Sewer Line Replacement. Sewer pipes.

Replacing your sewer line is not a given.

Some Texas homeowners never need to replace their sewer line. Others have no choice but to replace it because the pipe is old, corroded, damaged, or has accumulated grease and other gunk over the years and is underperforming. 

The sewer line runs between your Conroe home and the municipal sewer or septic tank.  Replacing it requires the kind of expertise and expertise that our licensed plumbers at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling possess. 

Why Choose Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling?

Our family-owned and operated company has been in business for over 39 years, serving residential and commercial customers in Spring and surrounding communities. Our plumbers stay current with advances in plumbing tools and techniques and have solved every sewer, drain, and piping issue imaginable.

The average do-it-yourselfer may successfully tackle some straightforward plumbing tasks, such as replacing a faucet or a worn toilet tank flapper, but do not have the expertise it takes to replace a sewer line. Even if you have cleaned your drains with rented machinery, leave the sewer pipe work to a professional.  

Signs You May Need a New Sewer Pipe

Sewage backing up into your Conroe home through basement floor drains indicates a blockage in the sewer line, which a thorough cleaning may resolve. However, if your sewer line clogs frequently, sewage backs up from your toilet or bathtub drain, or you smell a sewage odor throughout your home, the problem needs more intervention than cleaning.

Outdoor sewer odors, visible sewage, and lush, green spots on your lawn indicate a broken sewer pipe.

Gurgling pipes and slow drains are signs your plumbing needs attention. Combined with frequent sewer line repairs and increasing water bills, they may signal the need for sewer pipe replacement.

Excessive moisture from frequent drain back-ups can provide the perfect environment for mold growth. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), mold exposure can irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs.

What to Expect With Sewer Line Replacement

One of our qualified professionals at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling will thoroughly inspect your sewer line, considering its age, construction material, and potential damage, before determining if repair or replacement is the best choice.

We will explain the options available for repair and installation and recommend the best solution for your Conroe home, time constraints, and budget.

Sewer Line Replacement Options

  • Traditional: This method entails excavating the sewer line. We dig a trench along the length of the pipe, disconnect it, and replace it with a new pipe. Excavation is a reliable, well-established method for replacing sewer pipes. However, it can take several days or more to complete and is invasive. Unearthing the pipe also may tear up your lawn, flower beds, driveway, and sidewalk.
  • Trenchless: Pipe bursting and pipe lining are methods that do not require excavation, are less invasive, and often take no more than a day to complete.

With pipe bursting, we dig holes at each end of the damaged pipe and insert a cable outfitted with a bursting tool. As the tool moves through the existing sewer line, it expands and breaks the pipe, creating room for the new pipe, which it pulls into place.

With pipe lining, we fill the existing pipe with a tube soaked in resin. The tube cures and creates a new pipe.

Whichever method you choose, our experienced plumbers will ensure the new sewer line functions correctly and safely.

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