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Your plumbing system is long and complex, but there are two main lines that make it function: the main water line, which brings in your potable water, and your sewer/septic line, which expels all the wastewater from your home. There’s a lot of misinformation about who is responsible for a water line: you or your town. This, unfortunately, can lead to some very expensive problems. You see, in general, the main water line is your responsibility as soon as the line passes onto your property. This means that should any problems arise, such as repair or replacement needs, or you have a new home that needs to be connected to your town water system, you need trained, licensed professionals to do the job. The good news is that Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling has been helping customers in the Spring, TX area with their water line needs since 1984, and we bring this experience to every job we do.

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What Can Cause Damage to a Water Line?

While water line pipes are made to be durable and strong, they are not infallible. Here are some of the common ways your water line can be damaged:

  • Infiltrating tree roots – Tree roots can easily crush your water pipe as the wrap around it.
  • Back pressure from a clog – If your water pipe has a substantial clog, the back pressure behind the clog can be enough to cause a rupture.
  • Shifting ground – When the ground surrounding your pipe shifts, it can have the power to break the pipe.
  • Fluctuating temperatures – If your water pipe is exposed to widely fluctuating temperatures, the pipe will contract and expand frequently. This kind of action can lead to the pipe cracking.
  • Corrosion – Most, if not all, main water pipes are made from some kind of metal. While the metals chosen are made to last a long time, at some point, corrosion and rust and set in and will break the pipe down.
  • Freezing – When water freezes, the ice crystals exert tremendous pressure on the pipe, often causing the pipe to rupture.


Can I Install or Repair My Water Line Myself?

We hear this question a lot. Even though your water line is a single, main line, it is critical that the line is installed safely and correctly, and also repaired safely and correctly. Additionally, many towns and municipalities will only allow licensed plumbing experts to handle any work done to your main water line for this exact reason. So unless you are an expert, licensed plumber, the answer is no, you should not be working on your own water line. Instead, trust the company who can, and who will do it with excellence: Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling.

We Offer Comprehensive Water Line Service in Spring, TX

When it comes to the potable water in your home, you simply can’t risk it by using someone inexpert for services. For over 30 years, the plumbing experts at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling have been helping customers in the Spring, TX area with all of their main water pipe needs, and we can help you, too – all you have to do is give us a call!

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