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Maintain the integrity of your pipes and fixtures by turning to our skilled professionals for high-quality repair, replacement, installation, or any other plumbing service in Spring or Harris County, TX. The friendly team at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling can install your new bathroom or kitchen sink, automatic shut off valve, garbage disposal, sump pump, and all of the plumbing devices that keep you comfortable and healthy and protect your home’s plumbing system.

Call (281) 645-5905 or contact us online to schedule fast, dependable & affordable plumbing service in Spring or Harris County today!

Types of Services We Offer

We offer the following plumbing services:

  • Automatic Shut Off Valves - An automatic shut-off valve can help to prevent flooding by shutting off the water to your home as soon as a pipe bursts. Not all homes have one of these valves installed already, so call our experts for a new installation, repairs for a faulty valve, or for a replacement.
  • Backflow Prevention - The backflow prevention device on or near your property plays a huge role in your health and safety. Prevent backflow from ever becoming a source of contamination for your water supply by scheduling backflow preventer testing, installation, repairs, or replacement in Spring with our experienced plumbers.
  • Bathroom Plumbing - We offer repairs, maintenance, installation, or replacement services for every portion of your bathroom plumbing system. From fixing bathroom sink plumbing leaks to replacing bathtubs and drains, we handle it all.
  • Emergency Plumbing - In an emergency plumbing situation, you should not have to wait for normal business hours to resume before calling for service. We offer 24–hour emergency plumbing services in Spring, so call us anytime a pipe bursts, sewage leaks into your home, or when you experience any other issue that cannot wait to be repaired.
  • Garbage Disposal - If your garbage disposal slows down or stops working completely, don’t hesitate to call our plumbers. And if you don’t already have a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink, we strongly recommend that you have one installed.
  • Gas Lines - We are certified to work on gas lines throughout the Spring, TX area. If you are considering installing a new gas appliance or if you want to make sure that your gas lines are safe, call our gas piping specialists today.
  • Kitchen Plumbing - We can repair your kitchen sink, garbage disposal, or any other kitchen plumbing component so that you can get back to cooking, cleaning, and entertaining. We also offer new installation services so that you can get the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Piping - Installing or replacing pipes can seem like a stressful experience, but not when you contact our experts. We’ll work hard to complete the job as quickly as possible while ensuring the quality of our work. We offer piping replacement, installation, repair, and maintenance in Spring and Harris County.
  • Sump Pumps - A sump pump protects your basement or crawlspace from flooding, preventing water damage, mold growth, and damage to your valuables. If your basement floods frequently, or if you’d just like to protect your home from this possibility, call our team for sump pump installation or repair.
  • Water Leak Detection - Water leaks are not always visible to homeowners. Often, smaller leaks hide behind walls and in other covered areas of your home, which is why you should pay attention to any other signs of a leak. Look for low water pressure, smells of mildew, and other issues, and contact our water leak detection experts to pinpoint the problem.
  • Water Lines - We offer water line repair, replacement, and new installation in Spring and Harris County. This is one of the most important parts of your home, so you should only allow a trained and certified professional to perform any necessary services. We will do our best to complete the work and exceed your expectations with minimal damage to your property.
  • Commercial Plumbing - A commercial plumbing system has a lot of components that must remain well-maintained for business to run smoothly. We can install a new component for your commercial plumbing system, replace a leaky piece, or repair your pipes and fixtures.

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If you’re looking for a good plumber in the Spring, TX area, our training and expertise are unmatched. We have won numerous awards for our service, and we are licensed by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners. Call Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling today for excellent work from a company that has been family owned and operated for over three decades.

Request quick & comprehensive repair, replacement, or other service relating to plumbing in Spring or Harris County, TX, by calling (281) 645-5905 or contacting us online today!

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