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If you are looking for an experienced contractor in Oak Ridge North, TX who can handle all your plumbing, drain, sewer, heating, and cooling needs, you have found the right company. Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling has been in business since 1984, delivering quality work to the area. We stand behind each job we do with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. No matter what you need done for your house, from a small air conditioning repair job to a large water heater installation—or even an extensive whole-house plumbing project—you can trust to us to see that you receive the finest work possible.

Call us today for fast and effective plumbing, air conditioning, and heating service that will leave you completely satisfied with the work we provide in the Oak Ridge North, TX area.

Need a Local Plumber in Oak Ridge North, TX?

Your home’s plumbing is a complicated system of pipes, drains, fixtures, and appliances. To handle any service for it requires a licensed plumber with experience and advanced equipment. When you call Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling for a plumbing job in Oak Ridge North, TX—no matter if it’s to fix a broken garbage disposal or to install new piping—you can rest easy knowing that top people will be on the job. We are fully insured, licensed, and bonded, and we provide all the plumbing work you may need: new installations, replacements, targeted repairs, and routine maintenance.

We Offer Emergency Plumbing Services

Many plumbing jobs fall under the umbrella of "emergency"—sometimes "urgent emergency." We know as well as anybody that you can’t simply wait around for a plumber’s office hours when you have a broken water pipe or overflowing toilet. That’s why we have emergency plumbing service available any time of the day or night. Pick up the phone and we will be right out to you.

Are You Having Problems With Your Drain & Sewer System?

The drains and sewer line that remove wastewater from your home are a part of the plumbing system that must stay in top shape at all times. If you suspect that your drains or sewer line requires work, call on Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling right away. We handle extensive services to clean drains, inspect pipelines, repair and replace sewer lines, install storm drainage, and much more. We use all the best equipment available to see that you receive the quality work you expect. Make us your first call for drain and sewer services in Oak Ridge North, TX.

We Offer Drain Repair

The drains in a home, from the kitchen to the bathroom, handle an immense amount of work every day—and that will mean scheduling repairs for them from time to time. You can reach us 24/7 for whatever drain repair is necessary to restore your home’s wastewater system. We will do the job with the tools that will keep your drainpipes in the best shape.

Do You Need a Water Heater Installed or Repaired?

What would your home’s indoor plumbing be without a water heater? You don’t need to answer that, because you can immediately think of all the ways that you use hot water every single day. Taking care of the water heater that supplies your household with this essential hot water is something that Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling is glad to do. We install a variety of new types of water heaters (including tankless models), can replace older ones, and provide the routine maintenance and regular repairs you may need to keep your current water heater operating without problems. For water heater services in Oak Ridge North, TX, place your confidence in us.

We Offer Tank & Tankless Water Heater Services

The most common type of water heater is the storage tank water heater, and our technicians provide full services for them. But they also install and service high–efficiency tankless water heaters and hybrid tankless water heaters. If you are looking for something different for your next water heater installation, talk to our specialists to find out more about these options and their benefits.

Are You in Need of a Quality Water Treatment System?

The water in your home may be filled with unpleasant and even unhealthy contaminants. Is there anything you can do about this? Yes, thankfully, there is: Call Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling and let us install a water treatment system that will address the pollutants in your water supply. We work with many different types of residential treatment systems, such as reverse osmosis filters, water purifiers, and water softeners. We also repair and maintain these systems as well. Contact us today to arrange for water testing in Oak Ridge North, TX that will get you started with solving your water quality issues.

Comprehensive Air Conditioning Services in Oak Ridge North, TX

Summer in Oak Ridge North means some intense heat that will require a powerful and reliable air conditioning system in your home. Is your current system up to the task? Or do you even have a current system? No worries! Contact Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling and we can handle new installation, replacement, repair work, or a routine maintenance check for air conditioning. We offer a full range of additional AC services, such as installing ductless air conditioning and putting in new thermostats. You don’t have to suffer from the heat each summer thanks to our air conditioning services.

We Offer Ductless Air Conditioning

A ductless mini split air conditioning system is a flexible alternative to the standard AC that uses an extensive network of ducts to distribute cooling. Ductless ACs work through a series of small air handler units mounted on walls in rooms that blow conditioned air directly into the living spaces, bypassing the need for space-consuming and dust-collecting ductwork. Call us to find out more about ductless air conditioning.

Professional Heating System Services in Oak Ridge North, TX

You absolutely must have a proper home heating system in Oak Ridge North. It may seem hard to imagine during a hot summer day, but when winter temperatures arrive you’ll appreciate the professional heating services of the team at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling. We offer installation and replacement for many different types of heaters, and whatever repairs you might require we can deliver to you around the clock, any day of the week. Make sure to sign up for annual heating maintenance with us as well.

We Offer Ductless Heating

A ductless mini split heat pump offers you efficient winter heating that can save money over a more traditional heat pump or furnace. These systems are excellent options for new home construction and remodeling because of their flexibility and minimal space requirements. They have other advantages as well, and you only need to give us a call to learn all about them.

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