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Summers in Spring, TX can get almost absurdly hot, with temperatures climbing into the triple digits, and homeowners and business owners scrambling to keep their air conditioners up and running. But temperature isn’t the only concern when it comes to comfort. Humidity levels can make you feel even hotter than you should while contributing to that sweaty, clammy feeling that comes when moisture levels are just too high. That adds strain to your air conditioner while making your house feel like a swamp.

The solution is a quality dehumidifier, installed by Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling, which pulls the excess moisture out of the air. Not only does it make your home feel much more comfortable, but it reduces the stress on your air conditioner and can lower your monthly bills in some situations. Give us a call today and let us tell you all about it!

Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling provides quality dehumidifier services including installation and repair in the Spring, TX area. Call us today to learn more!

Problems Caused by High Humidity

Humidity is measured by relative humidity as a percentage, which measures the amount of ambient moisture in the air. The higher the percentage, the more moisture is in the air, until you hit 100%, which is basically rain. Whenever that number gets above 50% we start to feel it. The air feels hotter than it actually is, we sweat more profusely, stagnation becomes prevalent, and mold and bacteria can breed quickly. Considering the humidity levels in Spring, TX, these concerns can have a serious impact on almost every home in the area.

How Dehumidifiers Work

A dehumidifier installed by Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling works to remove the ambient moisture in the air through selective lowering of the temperature. It’s the same principle that creates dew in the early morning hours: as the air cools, the moisture condenses into droplets of liquid, which can be collected in a drain pan or storage tank. That leaves the air drier and much more comfortable, as well as cutting down on the growth of germs and bacteria. It also gives your air conditioner a break. AC units act as dehumidifiers by default, since cooling the air automatically dries it out. But they’re not built for those specific duties, and the strain of dehumidification can create a number of significant problems. A dehumidifier can ease that load, lowering your monthly bills and reducing the risk of strain on your system.

Trained Professionals Can Help in Spring, TX

Dehumidifiers require a certain amount of preparation in order to be properly sized to fit the space of your home and work in conjunction with the rest of your heating and air conditioning system. Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling can do that, then install the system in your home with professionalism and pride. Once it’s in place, the technician can instruct you on basic maintenance if necessary and show you how the system works. He or she can also set up a service schedule if desired, and if repairs are ever needed, you can contact us right away to get fast and effective results. Don’t just treat high temperatures in the summer. Keep your air dry and comfortable with a dehumidifier from our trained team of experts today!

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