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Hot summers and chilly winters mean that most homeowners in Spring, TX concentrate on temperature control, which heaters and air conditioners can readily provide. But just as important to your family’s health and comfort is indoor air quality, which encompasses a number of details concerning the air itself. Excessive humidity can lead to a gross, clammy feeling, as well as fostering the growth of mold and bacteria. High dust content can affect breathing and exacerbate conditions such as asthma. Trapped air can become stale and give your home a stagnant, musty feeling.

A number of devices can be installed to address these problems and improve your indoor air quality. The pros of Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling having experience not only putting such devices in, but repairing them in the event they develop problems. Pick up the phone and call us today to make an appointment!

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Air Duct Cleaning

Are your air ducts clean? That may sound like a strange question to ask, but the fact of the matter is that having dirty ductwork can prove to be quite detrimental to homeowners. It can reduce your indoor air quality, and may put unnecessary strain on your system. Let us complete a thorough air duct cleaning for you.

Air Filtration Systems

An air filtration system is a great and simple way in which to boost the indoor air quality of one's home. Pollutants are simply trapped on filtering media as the air passes through. We'll make sure that your air filtration system is of the right efficiency and design for your individual needs.

Air Purifier

An electronic air purifier can help homeowners to take their indoor air quality to the next level. Electronic air purifiers ionize pollutants, which are then collected on oppositely charged plates for easy removal. If you want truly great air quality, consider the use of an air purifier in your home.


Is the air in your home too humid? If so, you risk wood rot, water staining, and even the promotion of mold growth. Don't bother fussing about with an ineffective, inconvenient portable dehumidifier. Instead, dial our number and let us install a whole-house dehumidifier in your home. That will allow you to dehumidify the air effectively and conveniently.

Duct Sealing

Your air ducts are responsible for the important task of distributing both heated and cooled air throughout your entire home. If they are not properly sealed, then they won't be able to do so effectively or efficiently. Professional duct sealing services may be necessary for getting your ductwork back on track.

Duct Testing

How can one know for certain if his or her air ducts are in fine working condition? One need only schedule professional duct testing services with the experts on our staff. We'll pressurize your air ducts, measuring the levels in order to determine if air is escaping. If so, we'll make sure that the proper measures are taken.

Energy Recovery Ventilator

Do you want to heat and cool your home efficiently and effectively without sacrificing much needed natural ventilation? If so, then you should use an energy recovery ventilator in your home. An ERV allows you to sufficiently ventilate your home without wasting energy that you've paid for in order to heat and cool it.


Having too little moisture in the air within your home is just as problematic as having too much. That is why you may need to use a whole-house humidifier therein. That way, you can conveniently add just the right amount of moisture to the air in order to enjoy air quality of the very highest caliber.

UV Air Purifier

Air filters and cleaners can remove certain pollutants from the air, but others can simply be removed: destruction is the only option. A UV air purifier destroys biological pollutants, including viruses, mold, and bacteria, in order to make your home a cleaner, more healthful place to live. Call to learn more.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality

The air quality within your commercial property should be just as highly regarded as that in your home. It can be quite difficult to maintain great indoor air quality amidst the hustle and bustle of a commercial setting, though. Let us design and install your commercial indoor air quality system so that you can do just that.

How Indoor Air Quality Can Be Improved

The goal of any indoor air quality device is to remove that stagnant feeling from your air and help your household feel fresher. The most basic type is an air filter, which strains out particles and contaminants as they pass through your heating and air conditioning system. They’re easy to install and generally effective, though they need to be cleaned or replaced on occasion. Humidity levels can also be adjusted with humidifiers to increase the moisture in the air and dehumidifiers to reduce that moisture. Here in Spring, TX – with our routine high humidity levels – the latter sees much more use. If biological contamination is an issue, UV filters can destroy germs and bacteria as they enter your home, improving overall health levels.

The Benefits

The obvious benefits to good air quality control is simply a more comfortable atmosphere in your home. You feel more relaxed and the stagnation that might otherwise be present is gone. That often results in reduced incidents of illness as well, helping your family feel better. And with help from Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling a good air filter or dehumidifier can help lower your monthly household bills by reducing strain on your air conditioner and heater. Lower humidity levels help the air feel cooler, for example, ensuring that your air conditioner doesn’t have to run as long to make you feel comfortable.

Not Just Installation, but Maintenance and Repairs

Like any other appliance, an indoor air quality device will need periodic maintenance and even repairs from time to time: anything from changing the filter to upgrading the motor and fixing electrical connections. You need someone that can perform such operations with confidence and care, and you need to be able to feel the difference when they’re done. In Spring, TX, the experts at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling can provide that each and every time: ensuring that your new appliance now only works the way it’s supposed to right off of the bat, but that you can enjoy its benefits for many years to come.

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