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A lot of homeowners make the mistake of assuming that, when it comes to heating, centralized systems are always the best choice. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While central heating systems are a great fit for a lot of people, they are by no means the only option available to you.

Ductless heating is rapidly gaining popularity as a desirable alternative to central heating, for a number of reasons. Read on for a list of some of the differences and advantages that ductless heating provides over centralized heating.

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What is Ductless Heating?

A ductless heater is a type of heat pump, which means it doesn’t burn fuel to generate its own heat. Instead, it operates sort of like an air conditioner, evaporating and condensing refrigerant to move preexisting heat from one place to another.

Instead of using ducts, a ductless system relies on a number of individual air handlers, one installed in each room the system is meant to serve. Each of these air handlers has its own thermostat, which allows the system to modulate its output for each room.

The Advantages of Ductless Heating

There are numerous advantages to using a ductless heater. For one thing, a ductless heating system can actually act as an air conditioner as well. Because of its construction, it can reverse the flow of refrigerant through its system to cool the home as well as heat it.

As previously mentioned, you can also set different ideal temperatures for each room, which is great for eliminating hot and cold spots. With ductless heating and cooling, you don’t have to worry about losing any output to duct leaks, making your climate control much more efficient.

We Install, Repair & Maintain Ductless Heaters in Spring ,TX

Installing a ductless system is a little trickier than installing a centralized system. Each air handler needs to be properly installed in the room it’s going to be serving, with conduits containing refrigerant and power lines connecting them to the outside units.

You’re going to want a team of skilled professionals handling your ductless split system installation. We offer a full range of ductless system installation services, so you don’t have to worry about it.

We also repair and maintain ductless systems in Spring and beyond. Your ductless split system is just as vulnerable to issues as any other climate control system. We’ll conduct yearly maintenance on your system to limit problems as much as possible. Then, when the occasional problem pops up, we’ll get your ductless system up and running again.

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