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Sewer pipes and effluent flow is typically designed to use gravity so that wastewater flows out of your home and into the sewer or septic system. However, depending on the grade of your property or whether you have water-based facilities below the ground level, you may need a sewage pump, and this is where the experts at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling come in. Making sure your home’s wastewater is properly and correctly removed is critical, so allowing anyone but trained, licensed plumbing experts to work on your sewage pump is taking a risk that could cost you plenty down the road. Our experts can install a new sewage pump, replace a failing one, or provide annual maintenance or repair for an existing one. If you need a sewage pump or are experiencing issues with an existing one, call us today for efficient, expert service!

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What Is a Sewage Pump?

You are probably familiar with sump pumps, and you may be familiar with ejector pumps, but there is another pump you should know: the sewage pump. These pumps are submersible, typically residing in a sewer basin pit. If you have a septic system, it is common to place the sewage pump in your septic tank. The purpose of a sewage pump is to effectively push effluent, including solids, to your sewer, or in the case of a septic system, through the septic process. The sewer basin is located at the lowest point needing drainage. Like a sump pump, sewage pumps are equipped with floats that trigger the pumping process when the effluent reaches a certain level in the sewer basin, or, in the case of a septic tank, when the effluent in the tank reaches a certain level.

Does My Sewer Pump Need to Be Sized?

In a word: yes, it does. Not having the correctly–sized sewer pump can mean that your effluent is moved as needed. The first thing to know about sizing a sewage pump is that they are sized according to horsepower; most homes need a pump between .5 and 1 horsepower. But knowing how much horsepower you’ll need is based on the number of gallons of wastewater your home outputs per hour. General numbers on this range from 5,000 to 8,000 gallons per hour. The trained experts at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling can help you assess these numbers and determine what size sewage pump you need for your home in Spring, TX. Don’t let your sewage or septic system go awry because of inexpert or subpar assistance with your sewage pump; instead, let our experts help you – call today!

Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling Offers Expert Sewage Pump Service in Spring, TX

The plumbing experts at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling are here to help with all of your sewage pump needs: installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance. We can help you with emergencies day or night, or you can call us and schedule an appointment. Let us help you make sure your sewage goes where it should, with expert sewage pump service in Spring, TX!

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