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What are the Benefits of Zone Control HVAC Systems?

The Benefits of Zone Control Heating & Cooling

A standard HVAC system is installed in many homes across the country, which is connected to a central air handler. The minute you turn on your unit to heat or cool your home, the air will be delivered to every vent in your living space. While there’s nothing wrong with this, what if we told you there’s a way to have even more control over your HVAC unit?

If you’re looking for the ultimate level of customized comfort in your home, here are a few of the many reasons why you should consider having a zone control system installed.

Helps Save Energy

Earlier, it was stated that when a standard HVAC unit is in use, it will distribute comfort to every single room with a vent. While this seems to be helpful — think about the spaces in your humble abode that are not being occupied; you’re heating/cooling these rooms and wasting energy.

With a zone control heating and cooling system, you’ll cut back on your energy consumption and costs. This unit will allow you to choose which rooms you want to heat/cool and those you don’t want. While this is ideal for every home, zone control is the perfect solution to larger homes that boast many extra rooms — such as guest bedrooms and bathrooms!

Provides Individual Comfort

We all know that struggle well: Either your home is too hot or too cold for one or a few more of the occupants that inhabit it. While this struggle has appeared (and still does) for many years, a home zone control system is the solution to help get around this.

Similar to having ductless units installed in your home, a zone control system will let each family member control the temperature in their room — or the space they’re currently lounging around in. For instance, if you like your home to be ice cold in the summer, but your son doesn’t like his room to be too cold, he can adjust the temperature to his liking by adjusting their local thermostat.

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