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Chill Out! Tips to Keep Cool this Summer

Summers get HOT in Texas and it can get overwhelming when you feel like there's nothing you can do to keep cool. But, have no fear, your friendly Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling technicians are here to give you some tips so you and your family are cool as ice this summer.

What Summer Home Cooling Tips Do I Need to Know?

Close Your Blinds

This may seem counterintuitive for the summer — but it's not. If you think about it, the sun is beaming into your home through your open windows, in turn making you feel hotter. Not only will your body get warmer, but your furniture will as well, radiating unnecessary heat into your house.

Limit the Use of Appliances

Stoves, dryers and dishwashers all bring hot air into the house. While you have to use these appliances, there are ways to use them efficiently to keep the excess heat out of your home.

  • Stoves and ovens - try to limit extravagant meals and stick to the grill instead.

  • Dryers and dishwashers - in order to use these efficiently, make sure you're only putting in full loads of clothes and tableware. The more you load up these appliances, the less hot air is being brought into your humble abode.

Use Ceiling Fans

Utilizing ceiling fans may be one of the most important tips you can take advantage of. Ceiling fans work wonders on the home because when they're used alongside your air conditioner it's the perfect combination for optimal cooling.

Make sure your blades are turning counterclockwise in the summer to get the full benefit of your fan. This is crucial because it allows for the fan to push the cool air down toward your room. And remember fans cool people, but they won't cool your home the way you need them to. Think of it as a nice summer day with a subtle cool breeze every so often. You're still getting that relief but you need the big guns to complete that cooling feeling (aka the air conditioner).

Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Now that we talked about ceiling fans, let's talk about air conditioners too. It's no surprise that air conditioners are essential to your home's cooling methods and the first thing you think about when you know summer is arriving. But, the most important steps in making sure your air conditioner is working properly, is to maintain it and be aware of how it's working throughout the hotter months.

  1. Clean your air filter - not only does this help with indoor air quality, but dirty filters take a toll on your air conditioner. Now here's the reasoning behind this: a dirty air filter reduces airflow into your home as it becomes congested with debris, dander, dirt and other contaminants. But, a clean air filter also prevents evaporator coils from future damage. The dirt on these coils will also reduce airflow.

    On top of that, dirty air filters cause your air conditioner to work inefficiently (spiking your energy bill). In short, replace your air filter every 2-3 months and check-in on it frequently.

  2. Clean the outside compressor - Make sure the coil fins aren't bent and if they are, straighten them with a fin comb. Dirty coils make it hard to absorb heat well. You can fix this by gently spraying the condenser coils with a hose. Be careful not to hit anything electrical. This can also be fixed through a scheduled tune-up!

Call on Your Spring, Texas Technicians

When it comes to cooling your home, our Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling technicians are ready to help save you from the summer heat. If you're in need of air conditioner maintenance or any other cooling or HVAC needs, call us at (281) 645-5905.