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Should I Stick with a Tank Water Heater?

The water heater in your home is one of the most important appliances that you own. When the time comes to replace it, you’ll obviously want to have the job done swiftly in order to minimize any period of time that you’ll need to go without hot water. You don’t want to rush the process either, though, because you may overlook a type of system that would really benefit.

A lot of homeowners, for instance, wind up swapping out their old tank water heater for a sleek new tankless model. Others, on the other hand, choose to stick with the tank style of water heater. Both have their pros and cons, and we install and service many of these water heaters in Spring, TX. So why stick with a tank model?

Upfront Cost

Tankless water heaters are very efficient, as they lose no heat to standby energy loss. That is the scenario in which heat from the water stored in the hot water tank transfers through the tank and out into the air surrounding it. They also last for a very long time, upwards of 25 years, so you’re potentially looking at decades of great efficiency when heating water in your home. Even so, these systems are also much more expensive than tank water heaters.

If you are working with a limited budget, that is definitely something to consider. The long lifespan and efficiency of tankless water heaters are certainly enticing. However, tank models are much more affordable upfront. Today’s tanks are also more efficient than ever before, so standby energy loss is not as huge of a concern as it would be with old, poorly insulated tanks.


Tankless water heaters cannot run out of hot water, per se, but they can be overwhelmed in instances in which a lot of hot water is called for at multiple points of use, all at once. If you’re frequently running the dishwasher and washing machine at the same time, maybe even while the kids are taking their showers, then a properly sized tank water heater may just be the way to go.

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