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How You Can Avoid Drain Clogs

What do you consider to be the greatest luxury in your life? Personally, we would rank reliable, hygienic indoor plumbing right up there. Or at least we would if this could really still be called a luxury. Something tells us that modern homeowners tend to view their plumbing systems as much more a necessity than a luxury. It is certainly a point that is hard to argue. It is also proof that any problems with one’s plumbing system can be a serious setback.

Clogged drains are certainly among the most common of all plumbing problems that we encounter. Of course, they are also among the most avoidable. Look, chances are that you are going to encounter a clogged drain eventually. That does not change the fact that many drain clogs are the result of human error, though. Here are a few tips from our plumbing pros about how you can help to avoid clogged drains in Tomball, TX.

Use Drain Guards

Okay, this is a perfect example of just how simple it can be to keep your drains from clogging up on you. These small drain guards, which may be made of mesh or a more solid material, can be bought very cheaply at just about any hardware store. They are a very minimal investment that can pay off big time.

Now, you may have guards in your kitchen drains — you should have guards in your kitchen drains, actually. But what about your bathtub and bathroom sink? Keeping hair and other materials out of drains is just as important for preventing clogs as keeping food waste out. Put them everywhere, we say.

Use Your Garbage Disposal Properly

A garbage disposal is a great appliance that can help to make your kitchen a more convenient place. Garbage disposals cannot, however, handle everything that you can throw at them. Keep certain materials out of your disposal if you don’t want clogged drains.

What kind of materials? We’re talking about fats that can congeal and clog drains when they cool off. Or pastas and grains that can absorb water and swell. Just because it can get through the disposal doesn’t mean that it should.

Brush Your Hair and Clean Up Your Whiskers

Pretty much any time we have to clean out a bathtub drain, it is due to clogs formed by hair. Using drain guards is a good step in the right direction, but there are other ways to protect your bathroom drains. They’re quite simple, too.

Brush your hair out before showering. That will help to remove loose hair from your head before it can come out in the shower and clog the drains. You can also wipe whiskers out of the bathroom sink after shaving. It’s not much more inconvenient than just sending them down the drain, and it can really help to keep clogs from forming.

When your drains slow down or start gurgling, do not hesitate to give us a call. We’ll thoroughly clean them out for you.

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