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AC Replacement Tip: Consider a Heat Pump

With temperatures regularly settling in the upper-80’s and even tipping the scale into the 90’s, it’s probably safe to assume that you’ve already put your air conditioner back into semi-regular rotation. If you have, only to find that your system is not really capable of delivering you the performance that you deserve anymore, you may be thinking about an AC replacement.

Don’t rush the process! We understand that you want to get a new system in place ASAP, but you should also take the time to choose it carefully. We suggest that you give the use of a heat pump in Spring, TX some serious consideration.

An AC That Can Reverse Its Operation

This is probably the simplest way in which to both describe the heat pump as well as to explain its great versatility. During the summer season, your heat pump will operate just like a central air conditioner. That means that you will use it to draw heat out of the air in your home.

Once refrigerant evaporates in the evaporator coil, the heat pump will then send that refrigerant to the condenser coil outside. Here, the refrigerant is condensed and its heat is shed. The cycle then continues, with more and more heat removed from the air inside until the desired temperature is met.

A heat pump, unlike a traditional air conditioner, can also complete this cycle in reverse. That means the system can draw existing heat out of the air outside — of which there is always some — and use it to heat the interior of the house. The warm refrigerant is compressed, sent to the indoor coil — now acting as the condenser coil — and releases its heat indoors.

This allows for very efficient heating, and our relatively warm winter climate makes the heat pump an ideal heating option. Contact us with any questions that you may have.

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