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Should I Schedule Duct Testing?

Most homeowners still use forced air heating and air conditioning systems in order to cool their homes, though many also rely on radiant heating systems or ductless mini splits. There is no reason to abandon air ducts all together, obviously. These systems are popular for many reasons, including the prompt comfort that forced air HVAC systems allow for. That being said, no AC or heater is perfect. If you’re having trouble with yours, your air ducts could be to blame.

Now, the issue with coming to realize this is that your system will still be up and running. A total breakdown of your AC or a heater blowing cool air are obvious problems. Problems with ductwork may not be so obvious, even though they can have serious consequences. That is why professional duct testing in Spring, TX can be so beneficial.

How Does Duct Testing Work?

If my air ducts are hidden from view, how can one test them effectively and thoroughly without major disruption to my home? This is a question that many homeowners have. The answer is that we are not talking about a visual inspection. If you have a technician promising to look your air ducts over to find any problems, then you should be more careful about the people that you hire!

Instead, our technicians will hook a calibrated fan up to your ductwork. They’ll then pressurize that ductwork, and measure the actual pressure of the air ducts against the pressure being introduced into the system. If these numbers are not matching up, then you can assume that the air ducts are leaking.

When Should I Schedule Service?

There is no hard and fast rule about how frequently your ductwork should be tested. That being said, if your ducts have never been tested, it won’t hurt to have them evaluated. You should also schedule duct testing if you notice any of the following problems, any of which could indicate duct leakage.

  1. Poor efficiency
  2. Uneven heating and cooling
  3. Reduced indoor air quality

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