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How Can Ductless Air Conditioning Save Me Money?

Yes, ductless air conditioning can save you money. In fact, it can save you money in a few different ways. If you are thinking about replacing your air conditioning system, or if you need a new AC installed in a brand new property, then going ductless is certainly an option worth your consideration. You’ll notice that these systems have a relatively high price tag upfront, but they can bridge that initial gap by providing your with energy savings for years to come.

Living in Texas means that you really need to take your air conditioning system seriously. That means not only choosing your air conditioner carefully, but also scheduling your air conditioning services with trained professionals. Work with the outstanding technicians on our team to ensure your 100% satisfaction with your new air conditioner. Here are a few ways that you can save money with ductless air conditioning in Spring, TX.

Efficiency and Performance

As we mentioned above, ductless mini splits are capable of saving homeowners money in a few different ways. In order to get the most from your system, of course, it is necessary to have it expertly installed and serviced. That way, you can reap its full benefits, including the following money saving features.

  • No air leaks. One of the great downfalls of ducted, forced air cooling systems is the fact that air ducts can leak. When properly designed and in great working condition, air ducts can be a great way in which to distribute cooled air throughout your home. However, the fact is that these ducts are hidden from view, and homeowners often don’t realize that there is a problem to begin with. That can leave them paying more than they should have to in order to heat their homes.
  • Zone control. Zone control is not unique to ductless mini splits. You can incorporate zone control systems into ducted air conditioners, and even systems like in-floor hydronic heating systems can be zoned. With a ductless mini split, though, you don’t have to upgrade your system or add on zone controls. Because the individual blowers used by the ductless air conditioning system are independently controlled, you can inherently cool any given area as much — or as little — as you’d like to.
  • Heat pump technology. Ductless mini splits are actually heat pumps, and that means that they can be used to both heat and cool homes. It also means that their method of heating homes is incredibly efficient. Just like a regular air-source heat pump, your ductless AC can use existing heat in the air outside in order to heat air for warming your home, requiring very little electricity to facilitate the process.

Ductless mini splits are helping homeowners throughout the country to live in comfort with greater control over temperatures than ever. They are particularly well suited to those climates with relatively mild winters, like ours. If you think that ductless air conditioning is the way to go, give us a call before the weather gets any hotter.

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