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Leaky Ductwork Can Cause Big Problems

There are a lot of different factors that can influence the overall quality of your HVAC system’s performance. The installation itself, your maintenance habits, efficiency ratings, etc. One major factor that you may not give much thought, though, is the condition of your air ducts. If you use a ducted heating or air conditioning system, you really need to know for sure that your ductwork is functioning properly.

If your air ducts are leaking at all, this simply will not be the case. That is why you must have any leaks in your air ducts professionally sealed. Schedule your duct sealing services in Spring, TX with our team to avoid the types of problems discussed below.

  • Subpar Energy Efficiency: When you heat and cool your home, you want to do so in the most affordable manner possible, right? Well, good luck with that if your air ducts are leaking. Obviously, you won’t be dealing with 100% energy loss, as the conditioned air will wind up somewhere in your home. It is unlikely to be where you really need it, though, and your system will have to work overtime to heat and cool your home evenly and effectively.
  • Reduced Indoor Air Quality: When it comes to your own comfort, you probably think first of temperatures in your home. The temperature in your living space is obviously going to have a major influence on your comfort. So too will the quality of the air in your home, though, and leaky ductwork can let pollutants into the system, which will then distribute those pollutants throughout your entire home. That can really do a number on air quality.
  • Unnecessary Wear and Tear: In addition to costing more to run, your HVAC system will probably suffer unnecessary wear and tear due to duct leaks. This can lead to problems that could otherwise have been avoided, and may shorten the system’s lifespan. Let us get your air ducts back in prime working condition.

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