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Heating Issues: Preventing Cold Spots

Daytime temperatures are staying pretty warm for the time being, but there is an undeniable chill creeping into the nighttime air. Before long, temperatures will be regularly dropping into the 40s and even the 30s as we slumber.

If you wake up to use the restroom in the middle of the night and pass through a cold spot, don’t call in the paranormal investigators. Instead, contact our heating technicians. We can figure out why you are experiencing uneven heating in Spring, TX.

Is Your Heater too Small?

Have you had trouble heating your home evenly since your heater was installed? If so, it is possible that your heater is just too small to heat your home effectively. This is likely the case if the cool spots in your home are located far from the heat source. If your heater is not able to generate enough heat to warm your entire home, the heat distribution is going to fizzle out before reaching these areas. Unfortunately, an undersized heater cannot just be “repaired”. Replacing your heater with an appropriately sized system may be necessary to resolve the problem in such a case.

Is Your Ductwork Compromised?

Using a heat pump or a furnace means that you are using ductwork in order to distribute heated air throughout your living space. It also means that any problems with that ductwork are going to result in serious operational issues. If the ducts supplying any given area of your home are compromised, then you may notice insufficient heat levels in those areas. We can test your ducts to determine if this is the case, and we can seal them effectively if so.

Is Your Home Properly Insulated?

If not, the heat that you pay for is going to escape, leaving you to pay more for a lesser heating performance. Insulation prevents the unwanted transfer of heat. If your insulation is not sufficient, or if it is not of the appropriate R-value, you are going to have trouble heating your home.

Milton Frank Plumbing is here to help you heat your home successfully.