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Don't Forget About the Filter in the Furnace

Using a furnace to heat one’s home remains one of, if not the, most popular ways of doing so. When you want to heat your home swiftly and efficiently, distributing heated air throughout a system of appropriately sized and expertly installed air ducts is tough to beat. This doesn’t mean that the furnace is perfect, though.

There are problems that can develop with any furnace, as is the case with all heating systems. Some are unavoidable. However, some are the direct result of user error. This is the case when homeowners fail to change the air filter used by their furnaces in Spring, TX.

Yes, a Dirty Filter Is a Serious Problem

Just because your furnace is up and running and there is warm air coming from your vents does not mean that the furnace is working at peak performance levels. A dirty air filter may not cause the system to break down entirely, but it definitely can lead to a subpar performance. Worse yet, it can leave you paying more for a weaker heating output.

All of the air heated by your furnace is forced through the air filter before being distributed into your living space. If the filter is clogged up, it makes it harder for the furnace to do its job. The harder it is to do its job, the more energy your furnace is going to require in doing so. You see the problem here. Without a fresh air filter in place, your furnace’s efficiency level is going to drop.

Now, the filter in the furnace is really there to protect the furnace and its components, not to boost indoor air quality. Failure to change the filter as needed, though, can indeed result in reduced indoor air quality. The air is going to follow the path of least resistance, and that can result in it being forced around the air filter, if it is clogged up enough. Pollutants can then bypass the filter.

Keep a clean filter in your furnace, and schedule heating service with the pros at Milton Frank Plumbing.