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Can't I Just Clean My Drains On My Own?

Keeping your drains functioning properly is of the utmost importance. If you hope to use your plumbing system as conveniently and hygienically as possible, you cannot let slow-moving or completely backed up drains develop in your home. With that in mind, we strongly urge you to schedule professional drain cleaning in Spring, TX. To answer the question posed in the title, yes, you may clean your own drains. However, you cannot clean them as well as a professional.

Why Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning?

What do you do when your drains start to move slowly? If your answer is to run to the hardware store and purchase a chemical drain cleaner, you’re already off on the wrong foot. These chemical cleaners are corrosive, they are not eco-friendly, and they simply are nowhere near as effective as their advertising materials would lead you to believe.

While it is likely that a chemical cleaner will clear the drain enough for the cleaner itself to pass through, it is very unlikely that it is really going to take all of the blockage away with it. Our professional plumbers may use drain openers when cleaning your drains. We may also supplement them with other techniques, though, and we have the experience and training necessary to determine which is the right course of action.

Okay, you may think, I’ll buy a hand auger, then. Snaking out your drain may be better than blindly pouring chemicals down it, but it is still not something you should attempt on your own. You may wind up just forcing the snake through the clog, rather than effectively clearing it. Again, water will pass through, but before long the bits left behind will just result in a new clog.

Not only do we have powerful augers to clear your drains, but we also have inspection equipment that allows us to evaluate the work done. That way, we can ensure a proper job is completed. That’s the professional plumber difference!

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