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Protect Your Garbage Disposal This Holiday Season

Holidays typically mean friends, family–and food! If you are hosting any holiday season dinners at your home, you had better be prepared for all of the hard work that goes not only into the preparation of those dinners, but their cleanup as well. As the holiday season gets into full swing, we like to remind our clients about how to keep their garbage disposals from suffering the holiday blues.

When dealing with a lot of dishes and food waste, especially when hosting company, it is easy to put too much strain on your garbage disposal. Keep these tips in mind to protect your unit. The last thing that you want to encounter is a damaged garbage disposal in Spring, TX this holiday season.

  • Throw bones in the garbage. Your garbage disposal can handle the grinding up and disposal of a lot of different materials. Animal bones, however, really should go in the trash can. These hard items could potentially damage the garbage disposal, especially if they are removed from the product before cooking.
  • Keep very fibrous materials out of the disposal, too. Hard items like animal bones are fairly obvious contenders for the trash can, but fibrous materials like celery stalks can cause trouble as well. Save them for the trash or the compost pile. The strands of such items can get wrapped up in the mechanism, and can put excessive strain on the disposal.
  • Pour grease into a container and throw it out. When it comes to drain clogs, grease is a usual suspect. After roasting the turkey or other meats, you may be tempted to just pour the fat down the drain. The problem with this is that, garbage disposal or not, your pipes are at risk when you do so. The liquid will congeal, causing a sticky mess in the disposal and potential blockages in your pipes.

Should you need any plumbing services this holiday season, remember that Milton Frank Plumbing is just a phone call away.