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Heat Your Home with Great Efficiency: Use a Heat Pump

In our area, summers are extremely hot. Winters can get chilly, but they don’t approach the extremes of our summer weather in terms of severity. While we will dip into the 30’s here and there during the nighttime hours, lows tend to hover in the 40’s more often.

This relatively mild winter weather doesn’t mean that your heating system is not important, though. However, it does mean that you may not want to invest in a designated heating system. If this is the case, using a heat pump in Spring, TX makes a lot of sense.

You Needn’t Generate Heat When You Can Transfer It!

Homeowners in certain areas of the country where subzero winter temperatures are the norm cast a wary eye at heat pumps. In truth, today’s heat pumps can work effectively even in frigid conditions. In our geographic region, however, there is literally no cause for concern. Our mild winters make this an ideal spot for the use of heat pumps, and their utilization of the heat transfer principle.

Think about your air conditioner, or even your refrigerator. Those systems don’t create cold. They use the refrigerant cycle in order to remove heat from one area, and move it to another. Heat from the fridge is vented into the house by the coils in the back. Much more heat is removed from the air in your home during the summer, and vented outside.

By using the outdoor coil as the evaporator coil, and the indoor coil as the condenser coil–which is the opposite of a central AC–the heat pump is able to draw heat out of the air outside. It can condense the refrigerant indoors, so that heat is dispersed within the house. This heats air that can be distributed throughout the residence. It’s an incredibly efficient operation, as no fuel is consumed and only a small amount of electricity is used. Plus, the operation can be reversed, so the heat pump doubles as a central AC in the summer!

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