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Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Refrigerant?

We’re at that tricky time of the year when it’s not sweltering hot all of the time, but there are big fluctuations in temperature from day to day, and even from daytime to nighttime. While you may not be running your air conditioner nonstop just yet, you’ve probably fired it up already this season. When you do start easing your air conditioner back into regular rotation, be sure to take note of any problems that you notice. Once you need your air conditioner the most, these problems may prove to be very serious. Don’t let your AC fail you during the hottest time of the year.

Of all the problems that air conditioners may face over their years of service, a refrigerant leak is one of the most troublesome. Depending upon the size of the leak, you may not realize that there is an issue for some time. They are often only discovered during routine maintenance services. There are a number of different ways in which a refrigerant leak can adversely affect your system, even if you are not aware that this is the root of the problem. Keep an eye out for these warning signs, and schedule AC repairs in Spring, TX if you have any reason to suspect a refrigerant leak in your system.

  • A drop in cooling output is a common sign of a refrigerant leak. If your system seems to be struggling to cool your entire home effectively, it may be due to an insufficient amount of refrigerant in the system. Sealing the leak and recharging the refrigerant to appropriate levels is the only solution.
  • Ice forming on your air conditioning coils or the refrigerant lines themselves is another sign of a potential refrigerant leak. Ice does not mean that your AC is doing a very effective job of cooling. Rather, it is a sign that your system is not absorbing enough heat due to a low level of refrigerant.
  • A hissing sound coming from your system may also indicate that you have a refrigerant leak. Oftentimes, the leaks in refrigerant lines are quite small. As refrigerant escapes through these pinhole leaks, it can cause this hissing sound.

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