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Do I Need to Schedule AC Repairs?

When you live in a geographic area like ours, you are going to really put your air conditioner through the wringer during the summer season. With that in mind, it is absolutely necessary that you are prompt in scheduling any necessary air conditioning repairs in Spring, TX. The key word there, of course, is “necessary.” You don’t want to be dialing our number to have your air conditioner repaired, for instance, only for it to turn out that you just had the thermostat set to “fan-only.” If you notice any of the following problems, though, and there is no such obvious cause of the issue, contact us right away so that we can expertly diagnose and resolve the problem for you.

One of the most obvious signs that you need air conditioning repairs, of course, is a decrease in cooling capacity. If your air conditioner has always struggled to cool your home effectively, then it is possible that it is just not of the right size for your home. In such instances, repairs are not really possible. If, however, this is a new development, there is likely a problem with your AC requiring professional repair services.

Remember too that, while no air conditioner is going to operate completely silently, your system should not be making loud, unfamiliar noises during operation. If it is, you may be dealing with loosened components or insufficient lubrication, which can lead to further, potentially serious and costly, damages.

Finally, let us know right away if you see ice forming on your air conditioning system. As we mentioned in the previous post, this could indicate a refrigerant leak in your system. If this is the case, your system could suffer very extensive damages due to continued usage.

Let Milton Frank Plumbing know if you have any concerns about your air conditioning system.