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Is My Gas Line Leaking?

When it comes to natural resources, gasoline is certainly one of the greatest that we have at our disposal. Homeowners use natural gas for a variety of purposes, from heating their homes to fueling their ovens, water heaters, and even clothes driers. Natural gas can be dangerous, though, if not delivered to and throughout your home properly, and burned correctly. A natural gas leak is a major concern, and you need to respond promptly if you develop a gas leak in or on your property. Here are few signs to be aware of that may indicate a problem with your gas line in Spring, TX.

  1. Dying vegetation on your property could mean that you have natural gas leaking in the vicinity. Beneficial and useful as natural gas may be, it doesn’t exactly do plant life any favors. If your grass is yellowing in a certain area, or you notice that shrubs and bushes are wilting, they could effectively be being poisoned by natural gas leaking from your gas line.
  2. Dirt blowing up in the air may also mean that you have a gas leak. Don’t just ignore the issue or dismiss it as some sort of odd natural phenomenon. If pressurized gas is leaking from your gas line, it may be the driving force behind that dirt blowing up from the ground.
  3. The odor that you associate with natural gas is certainly the most telling signs of a gas leak. What you may not realize is that natural gas is, in fact, totally odorless in its natural state. That rotten egg, sulfuric odor actually results from an additive injected into the gas as a safety feature. If you smell this distinct odor, exit the home and call the appropriate authorities immediately.

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