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Why Is It Costing So Much to Cool My Home?

Your air conditioner is a necessity in this area, not a mere luxury. With temperatures hovering in the 90’s regularly already, it’s safe to say that your air conditioner is going to be put through the wringer before this cooling season is in the rear-view. You must be able to cool your home effectively throughout the hottest time of the year, obviously, but you also shouldn’t be breaking the bank in order to do so. There are quite a few reasons as to why your air conditioner in Spring, TX may be driving up your cooling costs too high, as you’ll see below.

Low SEER Rating

When you purchased the air conditioner in your home, were you looking for a low upfront cost? If so, you may have invested in a relatively inefficient air conditioning system, and that decision may be haunting you now as you pay your energy bills in the summer season. Perhaps this is your first year in a new home, and using the existing system. Whatever the case may be, spending the money to replace your inefficient system now can help you to enjoy some serious savings in energy costs over time.

Subpar Insulation

Insulation plays a vital role in your home all year long. It is not only there to keep heat in your home on chilly winter season nights. It also serves to prevent heat from forcing its way through your home’s thermal envelope in the summer months. If your insulation is insufficient, has deteriorated over time, or has been picked apart by pests, reinforcing or replacing it can help you to cut down on your energy costs.

Poor Maintenance Practices

If this is the issue at hand, the mistake is your own. We like to remind our clients frequently that, when it comes to getting the very best that your home cooling system has to offer, nothing beats routine air conditioning maintenance. Letting our technicians inspect and tune up your system on a regular basis is far and away the best means by which to keep your system in prime working condition.

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