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Why Do My Drains Smell So Bad?

When you walk through your home, you really don’t want to smell foul odors. That’s why we keep our cats’ litter boxes clean, take out the trash regularly, do the dishes promptly, etc. There is another cause of foul odors in the home which can seem a bit trickier to handle, though, and that is the drains in our sinks and bathtubs. If you have foul odors emanating from the drains in your home, you should dial our number to have the problem resolved.

There are a few different reasons as to why your drains may smell bad. Working with professional plumbers will ensure that problem is effectively resolved. When you need any drain and sewer services in Spring, TX, you need only dial our number.

Causes of Odorous Drains

In the cabinet beneath your sink and hidden away below your bathtub drain, and any others in your home, is a curved pipe called a trap. This “trap” does just that. It traps water, holding a scant reservoir at all times. What is the purpose of this water? It actually forms something of a barrier in the pipes. The sewer gases in your drain and sewer system can come back up through your drains if there is no blockage in place. That is why it is important that the trap does not run dry. Pour some water down infrequently used drains regularly to prevent this from happening.

Another potential cause of your smelly drains is lack of ventilation. Plumbing systems may differ in design, but there needs to be some level of ventilation to allow sewer gases to escape outdoors. If not, they can build up to a level that will allow them to force themselves past the barrier created by the water in your drain trap.

Most alarmingly, your sewer odors could be caused by a damaged sewer line itself. If this is the case, it is obviously in your best interest to have any such problems resolved promptly. Work with the professionals on our staff to have sewer line issues accurately diagnosed and expertly resolved.

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