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Need a New AC This Year? Why Not Go Ductless?

To say that you need a great air conditioner in this area is to state the obvious. If your AC is not up to par, you simply are not going to live comfortably during the hottest time of the year. That is why you may be considering replacing an old, ailing, inefficient, or otherwise subpar air conditioning system in your home. If so, we recommend that you give ductless mini splits some consideration. You’ll want to have your new AC installed before the heat of the summer season is upon us, but you really ought to take your time when choosing your new system. Many homeowners find that going ductless makes sense for their home comfort needs.

How Do Ductless Mini Splits Work?

A ductless mini split system will effectively cool your home in much the same way as a more traditional air conditioner, with one major exception: no ductwork is used. Instead, individual blowers are mounted throughout your home, with an outdoor unit capable of supporting up to 4 blowers, generally. The refrigerant cycle in the system removes heat from the air in your home, which is then vented outdoors, and the cool air is blown back into your living space. Ductless mini splits have many unique benefits to offer, though.

First of all, because no ductwork is used in such systems, you won’t have to worry about the inefficiency and air quality problems that can stem from damaged ductwork. Plus, you won’t need to have air ducts installed at all, if your home does not currently have an existing system. This seriously simplifies the installation process. Additionally, the individual blowers in your home are all controlled independently of one another, so you won’t have to cool every area of your home to the same temperature. Perhaps the greatest benefit, though, is that ductless AC systems are more aptly called ductless heating and cooling systems. Heat pump technology is used, which means that you can use the very same system in order to very efficiently heat your home during the summer season. Cooling-only models are also available.

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