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Is My Water Line Compromised?

Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a house without running water? Would you even want to imagine such a scenario, even if you could wrap your mind around it? The ability to access clean, potable water throughout our homes via our residential plumbing systems is surely one of the greatest luxuries that we enjoy, though we’d call it more of a right than a luxury. That is precisely why encountering problems with one’s water line is so troublesome. The fact that our water lines are buried and hidden from view only complicates matters. Here are a few tips to help you to determine if you have a compromised water line in Spring, TX.

Signs of Water Line Problems

You may think that there is no way in which to determine if your water line is leaking, as it is buried beneath the ground and is visible for inspection. This is not true, of course. You just need to know what sorts of issues to look out for.

  • Rumbling or Hissing: Sometimes you can hear a problem, not see it. If you can hear a rumbling or hissing sound near the point at which your water line connects to your plumbing system, then it may be a damaged water line causing the noise. If water is being used in your home, this type of sound may be expected. When none is in use, though, and you can hear such sounds, you’ve likely got a problem on your hands.
  • Damp Spots in Your Yard: Sometimes you have to move beyond the confines of your home to spot a problem. If you have a damp, soggy patch in your yard, it could be due to water leaking out of the buried pipe. If the weather is dry, but your lawn is not, contact us to have the problem assessed.
  • Loss of Water Pressure: Does your shower seem to lack its usual oomph? If so, your water line may be leaking and causing your water pressure to go down. This won’t always happen with a water line leak, but if you encounter low water pressure all of a sudden it is a very real possibility.

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