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Help! My Furnace Smells Like Burning!

To say that the odor of burning when running your gas or electric furnace is disconcerting is to state the obvious. Sure, you may smell burning when using your oven, but that’s probably just due to the fact that you left your dinner in there a little too long. When the burning odor is coming from your heater, though, it’s clearly a sign that something within that system itself its self is the source. In order to avoid costly furnace repairs in Spring, TX, or even the development of an unsafe situation in your home, you should have any such problems evaluated by a trained professional immediately.

So What’s Causing the Problem?

There are a number of different issues that could be the source of this problem, as is the case with most furnace troubles. Some are certainly more disconcerting than others. Below are 3 of the most common.

  1. Dust built up on the burner may be the cause of this burning odor, if you really only notice it when you fire up the furnace at the beginning of the heating season. When you have your system serviced, it will be cleaned up. However, depending upon the time of the year that you schedule maintenance in, there may be ample time for dust to accumulate. When the furnace combusts its fuel, that dust can burn off.
  2. Overheating is another potential cause, and is far more problematic than the simple situation described above. Damaged components may cause others to overheat, and even something like dirty air filters could put enough strain on a component, such as a fan motor, to overheat. To avoid damages, this underlying cause must be rectified.
  3. Electrical problems could also be to blame, and this is where things go from problematic to outright dangerous. If your wires are so hot that they’re melting the casing, for instance, you have a serious fire risk at hand. We can help to protect your safety when heating your home.

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