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3 Signs of Gas Line Problems

One of the most important jobs that a plumber can do is to ensure that you are able to use natural gas safely in your home. Natural gas is surely one of, if not the most popular fuels used in the country. It is very versatile, used to fuel water heaters, gas ranges and stoves, and, this time of the year, heating systems.

Natural gas can also be quite dangerous if not used properly, as is the case with any fuel. That is why your gas piping in Spring, TX must be of the highest caliber. We recommend that you keep your eye out for any of the following warning signs that your gas piping is in trouble.

  • The odor. Like carbon monoxide, natural gas is actually totally scentless in its natural state. Unlike carbon monoxide, though, natural gas is not a byproduct of combustion. It is something that we knowingly and willingly pipe into our homes. That means that we have the opportunity to take some precautions. Natural gas used in our homes has an additive that gives it its signature sulfuric, rotten egg odor. If you smell it, get out of your house and contact the appropriate authorities.
  • Dying vegetation. It should come as no surprise to hear that natural gas is not exactly beneficial to vegetation. If you have a gas leak in your gas line, it is possible for the gas to poison the vegetation in the vicinity of the leak. If you notice yellowing spots or dying bushes in the yard, a gas leak is definitely a possibility.
  • Blowing dirt. This is a warning sign that many people may brush off or overlook entirely. It’s not as impossible to ignore as the odor of natural gas, but you should heed it nonetheless. When gas leaks out of the buried gas line on your property, it can force dirt up away from the ground. If you see dirt blowing upward on your property, you should definitely have the gas line checked out.

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