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Why Cool My Home without Air Ducts?

Considering the fact that we are well into a very hot summer season, we really hope that your air conditioner is not giving you any trouble and that it is operating reliably. If your system should break down, you’re going to want to want to have it replaced immediately. Whether you’ve been planning to schedule an AC replacement or a sudden breakdown has got you scrambling, though, remember that it pays off to consider all of your options carefully. One that you should give some serious thought is a ductless air conditioner in Spring, TX.

Versatility, Efficiency, Control

First of all, let’s talk about the versatility that ductless mini splits have to offer. As they utilize heat pump technology, you can use a ductless mini split to keep your home comfortable all year long. During the summer, the system uses its refrigerant cycle to remove heat from the air in your home. During the winter, though, the process is reversed. Heat is taken from the air outside — even when it is chilly out, there is heat out there — and the refrigerant is compressed. Its thermal energy is then used in order to heat your home.

Not only does it do an effective job of heating and cooling, but a ductless mini split also heats and cools homes with outstanding energy efficiency. The fact that heat pump technology is used certainly has much to offer in terms of efficiency. However, the elimination of ductwork also eliminates any risk of air loss via duct leaks, further boosting efficiency levels.

The fact that you can control all of the blowers of the system independently of one another also helps in the efficiency department. You no longer have to cool your entire house to just one temperature. This means that you can actually live in greater comfort while enjoying greater efficiency, which is a pretty great deal.

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