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Will an ERV Benefit Me This Summer?

There is an old struggle between living comfortably in one’s home during the summer season, and maintaining great indoor air quality, all while enjoying high energy efficiency levels. It may sound like too complex a juggling act to handle, or like trying to have one’s proverbial cake while eating it too, but this goal is actually well within your reach. You just need a reliable energy recovery ventilator in Spring, TX. When you allow the pros on our staff to complete your energy recovery ventilator installation and services, you can count on your ERV working properly throughout the summer, and the rest of the year as well.

Why Use an ERV in the Summer Season?

An energy recovery ventilator is a mechanical ventilation device that exploits the concept of the heat exchanger in its operation. During the summer season, you’ll be running your air conditioner a lot. Because of this, you really are not going to want to open up your windows to let fresh air in, as you’ll be wasting the energy that you’ve used to cool your home. Because an AC is going to dry out your air, though, and you’re essentially trapping any pollutants within your sealed up house, your indoor air quality may suffer greatly during the summer season. An ERV helps you to bring it back up to high levels, without throwing your money out the window.

An ERV vents cool air out of your home, as it brings fresh air in. Because the incoming fresh air is hot, though, that could drive up your cooling costs. This is where the energy recovery process comes into play. The stale outgoing air is actually used in order to pre-cool the outgoing hot air. In doing so, it takes a lot of the potential strain off of your AC system, as it won’t really have to re-cool hot air. Plus, the dry outgoing air can help to draw out some, but not all, of the humidity in the incoming air, so that your air is sufficiently, but not overly, humid. In the winter, this entire process is just reversed, so you can benefit from the ERV during the heating season as well.

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