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Prevent Problems with Your Garbage Disposal

There are a lot of appliances and gadgets that we, as modern homeowners, use in order to make our lives more comfortable and convenient. Few of these devices, though, are both as simple and as beneficial as the garbage disposal.

If you have ever owned and operated a garbage disposal then you know just how major and positive an impact that such systems can have on your life. You probably also know, though, that it is possible to encounter problems with yours because no mechanical device will ever be completely problem free. There are ways in which you can help to minimize the risk of garbage disposal problems. 

How to Prevent Common Garbage Disposal Issues

  • Schedule a professional installation - The garbage disposal is not the most complex device in anyone’s home. It’s not even the most complex component in your plumbing system. Taking this to mean that you can handle your garbage disposal installation on your own, though, is a huge mistake. Complex or not, any and every piece of equipment integrated into your residential plumbing system must be installed by a trained, professional plumber. This not only ensures that the job is done right, but it also ensures that you don’t void warranties on your products due to improper installation methods.

  • Run the water - Your garbage disposal does not chop items up with blades, as some homeowners seem to think. Instead, your system utilizes centrifugal force to draw waste into its grinding plates. This process renders the food waste into a pasty substance, and it is integral that you run the water as you run your garbage disposal. This ensures that your system is able to handle the waste effectively, and that it is flushed down the drain successfully.

  • Avoid putting certain foods inside - You cannot dump just anything into your garbage disposal in order to grind it up and flush it away. Very hard items, such as animal bones, should never go into the garbage disposal. You should also avoid putting very fibrous foods, including corn husks and celery stalks, into your garbage disposal. These items can wrap up in the mechanism, straining the motor and leading to operational problems.