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Should I Be Using an Energy Recovery Ventilator?

You are probably running your heater at night, now, and probably later in the morning and earlier each night as the days march on. We’re early in the winter season yet, but the chill is certainly in the air. While heating one’s home is, of course, a top priority during the winter season, it is not the only concern when it comes to comfortable living. Sealing up your home in order to heat it efficiently can come at the expense of indoor air quality. It doesn’t have to, though. Consider the use of an ERV in Spring, TX. Energy recovery ventilation gives you the best of both the efficiency and air quality worlds. Contact Milton Frank Plumbing to schedule service.

What Is an ERV?

An ERV, or energy recovery ventilator, is a device that allows one to sufficiently ventilate his or her home without wasting excessive energy in the process. Were you to throw open your windows in the winter to let fresh air in, you’d obviously be letting a lot of heated air out. That amounts to a lot of wasted energy, as you’ve already paid to heat the air. An ERV solves this problem. During the winter, the ERV will vent stale, but warm, air out of your home, bringing in fresh, but cold air. The heat from the outgoing air is used to pre-warm the incoming air. It also works in the summer, just in the reverse, with the outgoing cool air absorbing heat from the incoming hot air. Additionally, the ERV helps to balance humidity between the streams, further boosting indoor air quality.

Benefits of Energy Recovery Ventilation

We know that everyone wants to heat and cool their homes efficiently and affordability, but you really shouldn’t suffer the ill-effects of subpar indoor air quality in trying to achieve this goal. Energy recovery ventilation means that you won’t have to. Cut down on energy costs, and breathe air of a higher quality, in order to live comfortably and healthfully without draining your budget. Contact us today to schedule service.