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Is a Zone Control System Worthwhile?

It can be very frustrating to heat or cool one’s home with a heater or air conditioner that simply does not live up to one’s deservedly high standards. If you are unsatisfied with your HVAC system or any aspect of its performance, replacing that system is an option worth considering. Keep in mind, though, that there are many other options to consider. In many cases, simply upgrading a system in the right manner is enough to get you the performance quality that you demand. Take, for instance, the many benefits that you could enjoy with the use of a zone control system in Spring, TX. Read the following information, and let Milton Frank Plumbing know if you’re ready to have a zone control system installed in your home.

How it Works

A zone control system comprises 3 basic components: thermostats, electronic dampers, and a central control panel. Once you’ve decided what the different zones will be in your home, a thermostat is installed in each of those zones. These thermostats are wired into the central control panel. The dampers are installed directly into your ductwork, and they are used to regulate the amount of conditioned air that makes its way into any given zone. In order to adjust the temperature of a zone, you need only adjust the corresponding thermostat.

Benefits of Zone Control

You probably don’t have a single light switch in your home with which you activate every light in the house, right? Well, why would you use a single thermostat to maintain one even temperature throughout your home? It doesn’t make sense to heat seldom-used areas of the home to the same temperature as those that are frequently in use. You won’t have to when you use a zone control system. This allows you to cut down on energy costs, even as you keep everyone in your home more comfortable. After all, different people are going to be comfortable at different temperatures. If you want to heat and cool your home more efficiently without putting anyone’s comfort on the chopping block, then a zone control system may be just what you need.