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In Spring, TX, residents need every weapon they can to fight against our sweltering summers, and while most homes still use the traditional centralized forced air HVAC system, that’s not the only option you have available. Ductless air conditioning systems make a lot of sense for larger homes, as well as for homes that can’t support ordinary ducts and even those just looking to save a little money on monthly costs.

If you want to install a reliable ductless air conditioner, you can count on the experts at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling to help. Not only can we explain the benefits and drawbacks of a ductless system to help determine if it’s right for you, but we can perform repairs when needed and set up a maintenance schedule to keep it running the way it should. Call us today to discuss your air conditioning options and let us show you what we’re capable of! We are proud to serve Spring, TX with AC and heating services, and we'd love an opportunity to earn your business. Call or stop by to see why we're the preferred AC contractor in Spring, Texas.

Count on Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling for quality installation, repair, and maintenance for ductless air conditioning systems in Spring, TX. Contact us at (281) 645-5905 today to schedule service.

What Is Ductless Air Conditioning?Air Conditioning

As the title implies, ductless air conditioning operates without the use of ducts spreading out form a centralized system. Instead, your home is separated into individual sections, each one equipped with its own distinct unit. Each unit has a separate thermostat and control system, allowing it to be turned on and off independently of the others. If you live in an older home that doesn’t have the crawlspace and/or attic space to support a system of ducts, it can be exactly what you need. And here in Spring, TX, there are trained technicians just waiting to install one for you.

What are the Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning?

Ductless air conditioning costs more to install than conventional systems, but even if you can support a ducted system, your home may benefit from its inclusion. For starters, the individual units mean that you can shut the air conditioner off in parts of the home that aren’t seeing use. That can save you a lot in monthly cooling bills, especially if you have a particularly large house. In addition, the individual sections let you tailor the temperature to suit the occupants. So, for example, you can cook over a hot stove in the kitchen with the air there set at 70 degrees, while your spouse can work on the computer in the den with the air set at 73 degrees.

Get the Right Service for your Ductless Air Conditioning System in Spring, TX

Ductless air conditioners aren’t the same as ducted systems, and you cannot easily pick up the skills you need for installing and maintaining them. Here in Spring, TX, the experts at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling have the knowledge and experience you need not only to install your new system properly, but to keep it serviced so that it will perform at peak efficiency, and perform the (hopefully rare) repair job with confidence and pride.

If you think a ductless system will work for you, and you want to know how best to have it installed, then call us today. We’ll cover all of your possible options, then schedule your installation at a time best suited to you and set up a maintenance plan to keep it running efficiently for years to come!

Schedule your service appointment by calling us at (281) 645-5905. Our Spring, TX AC repair technicians are here to help you.

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