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Common AC Repairs: Refrigerant Leaks

July 25th, 2017

man-with-fanIf there is one thing that you can count on during July in Texas, it is that you are going to be running your air conditioning system very regularly. What else can you count on? The fact that any problems with your air conditioner, no matter how “minor” they may appear to be, can cause you serious trouble and discomfort.

Of course, there are some problems that are simply more serious than others. One of the most serious issues that can afflict your air conditioning system in Spring, TX is the refrigerant leak. Read on to learn about some of the warning signs that your system is leaking refrigerant.

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AC Tip: Ice Is Not Normal

July 17th, 2017

AC-technician-at-workDuring the hottest time of the year, you’ll be glad that your air conditioner is up and running at full blast. If you notice ice developing on your air conditioner, you may think that it is really cranking out the cooling power! However, we are here to inform you that ice on your air conditioner is actually never a good sign. Quite the opposite, really. Ice on your AC means that there is a problem, and it is not something that you should ever choose to ignore.

If you notice that there is ice on your indoor coil, there are a few different potential causes of the problem. Now, not all of these problems are very difficult to resolve, but each and every one of them will do damage to your system if you do not take the necessary steps for resolving the problem promptly. In at least one case, the damage done to your air conditioner in Spring, TX could be catastrophic. 

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How Does Zone Controlled Cooling Work?

July 3rd, 2017

woman-with-fanWhat would you do if you went to look at a house to purchase, only to find that the house in question just had one light switch for the entire living space? You probably wouldn’t put up with having to light up the whole house when you just wanted to turn on the lights in one room, right? Well, why are you so keen on cooling your entire house to just one temperature throughout, then? With a zone control system in Spring, TX, you can take greater control over the way in which you cool your home.

A zone control system allows you to adjust temperatures in a single zone in your house without having to raise or lower the temperature in others. There are many advantages to cooling your home in this manner. Just remember that only trained professionals can guarantee that your system is compatible with such an upgrade, and that the right products are used in the right way. Consider the following, and let us know if you think you’d like to zone your home. 

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Do You Have Hard Water in Your Home?

June 27th, 2017

water-softenerCertain problems with your water quality constitute a real emergency. If you have harmful bacteria in your water, for instance, you really need to get the right treatment solution in place before anyone in your home gets seriously ill. While certain other issues may not be as dangerous, however, they can still cause big problems. This is the case with hard water.

Do you know if there is hard water in your home? Do you know what types of problems hard water can lead to? We are here to help you learn the facts about hard water, as well as to help you understand how to resolve the problem. Read on, and remember to schedule your water treatment system services in Spring, TX with our plumbers. 

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Are My Air Ducts Damaged?

June 19th, 2017

duct-sealingIf so, don’t even think about trying to resolve the problem by slapping some duct tape on the affected areas. Duct tape may have a lot of uses — though not really so many as internet bloggers would lead you to believe — but actually sealing air ducts is definitely not of them. If you want to have your air ducts professionally sealed, which is the only way to prevent them from leaking continually, then you need to schedule professional duct sealing in Spring, TX.

That being said, it still begs the question posed in the title of this blog. While you cannot simply do a thorough inspection of your air ducts, as they are largely hidden from view behind your walls and above your ceilings, there are plenty of signs that can indicate that your air ducts are leaking. These are the very same signs that make it clear that damaged ductwork is indeed a very serious problem in need of professional resolution.

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Your Central AC Needs a Fresh Air Filter

June 5th, 2017

man-with-an-air-filterThe air filter in your central air conditioning system is not really there to protect the quality of the air throughout your home. You will need a more efficient, designated filter to do that, typically. Why, then, are we reminding you about just how important it is that you keep a fresh filter in your air conditioning system? Because the job that it does do it still incredibly important — and your AC won’t be able to successfully do its job without a clean filter in place.

You should obviously be scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance service on an annual basis. However, having a trained professional tune up your system once a year is not really enough to keep it functioning at peak performance and efficiency levels. That is because most filters need to be changed once every 1-3 months. You cannot wait for scheduled maintenance before replacing it. Here are a few problems that can be caused by a dirty air filter in your air conditioner in Spring, TX.

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Tips for Hot Summer Days

May 30th, 2017

electric-fanOnce the hottest weather of the year has descended upon us, it can be difficult to focus on anything other than the oppressive heat. Don’t get so wrapped up in the hot temperatures that you dare not even venture outside and enjoy the summer season, though! It is too hot for too long in this part of the country to stay cooped up in the air conditioning all summer long.

Keep them in mind, so that you can enjoy the season to its fullest — and schedule your AC services in Spring, TX with us so that you have a cool home to return to at the end of the day.

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Benefits of UV Germicidal Lights

May 22nd, 2017

UV-bulbWhen you think of keeping your home comfortable during the summer season, what is the first thing that springs to mind? Chances are that it is your air conditioner. This makes a lot of sense, of course. However, you are wise to remember that maintaining comfortable temperatures is really only one part of a bigger picture. To live in a truly comfortable environment — and a healthful one, at that — you also need to maintain great indoor air quality.

In order to do so, you may need to deal with a number of different pollutants that have found their way into your air. In some cases, basic air filtration or more advanced air cleaner systems may be enough to handle the job effectively. In other situations, though, simply removing pollutants from the air is not enough — you must destroy them. In these instances, you may benefit greatly from the use of UV germicidal lights in Spring, TX.

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AC FAQ: Why Is My System Blowing Warm Air?

May 8th, 2017

thermostat-going-redYou wake up in the middle of the night. Something doesn’t feel quite right. You reach for the light, and then it hits you — it’s way too hot! The strange thing is that the air conditioner is still running, but it is blowing warm air out of the vents. This is not an uncommon problem, and shy of a complete system breakdown it is one of the most alarming air conditioning issues that you may encounter. The good news is that there is not necessarily a serious issue at hand.

We have a few tips for you regarding the handling of this situation. While there are some best case scenarios that can be resolved without professional services, there are also some potential issues that are much more serious. If you suspect that there is a problem without a very obvious solution, you need to contact a professional air conditioning technician right away. Count on us for great AC services in Spring, TX

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AC Replacement Tip: Consider a Heat Pump

May 2nd, 2017

With temperatures regularly settling in the upper-80’s and even tipping the scale into the 90’s, it’s probably safe to assume that you’ve already put your air conditioner back into semi-regular rotation. If you have, only to find that your system is not really capable of delivering you the performance that you deserve anymore, you may be thinking about an AC replacement.

Don’t rush the process! We understand that you want to get a new system in place ASAP, but you should also take the time to choose it carefully. We suggest that you give the use of a heat pump in Spring, TX some serious consideration. 

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