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Stagecoach, TX Plumbing, Drain and Sewer, and HVAC Services

As a modern homeowner, you rightly expect to live in a certain amount of comfort, and with considerable convenience. We can help you to ensure that this is the case. Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling offers some of the finest plumbing, drain and sewer, indoor air quality, heating and air conditioning services around. Whether you need a brand new system installed or you need a water heater repaired, ours is the number to call. Your 100% satisfaction with our services is guaranteed, so work with a member of our team to get your comfort on track.

Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling offers professional plumbing, drain and sewer, and HVAC services throughout the Magnolia, TX area. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Do You Need a Local Plumber or Plumbing Services in Stagecoach, TX?

We can handle any plumbing installation, replacement, repair and maintenance services that you may need. We know how much you depend upon your plumbing system, which is why we are proud to offer such comprehensive plumbing services, and of such high quality. No matter what you may need to use your plumbing system for, our plumbers are up to the task. Keep your plumbing system hygienic and reliable with our help.

We Offer Piping Services

The pipe is something of a basic building block in your plumbing system, and will largely determine the integrity of your system. That is why you really need to know that your plumbing services are of the highest caliber. When we handle your piping installation, replacement, repair and repiping services, you need have no doubt about it.

We Offer Water Leak Detection Service

You may think that water leaks are pretty obvious problems, but you’d be wrong in assuming so. There are a lot of areas in your plumbing system where water may leak, and such leaks may not be visible to the human eye. With professional water leak detection services, though, we can determine precisely where the leak in your system is.

Are You Having Issues With Your Drain and Sewer System?

When you drain your bathtub or flush your toilet, you depend upon your drain and sewer system to remove that waste and wastewater from your home hygienically and conveniently. This will not be the case if you fail to schedule your drain and sewer services with trained, professional plumbers. If you are reading this, though, the good news is that you already know where to find them. Let us ensure the successful completion of your drain and sewer services.

We Offer Sewage Pump Service

If your toilets are below your sewer line, the waste leaving via that sewer line may need some help making it to the destination reliably. It’s a dirty job, but one that a sewage pump can handle when properly installed and serviced. Our plumbers offer comprehensive sewage pump services. When we do the job, you can flush your toilets confidently.

Do You Need Water Heaters or Water Heater Services?

To say that we rely upon our water heaters a lot is a major understatement. Whenever you shower, do the linens in your washing machine, or run the dishwasher, you are depending upon your hot water heater to provide you with the hot water necessary for the successful completion of these tasks. Work with a member of our team to ensure that you have the right water heater in place. We offer installation, replacement, repair and maintenance for many models, including hybrid tankless water heaters.

Let Us Help You Find a Quality Water Treatment System

From hard water to pollutants and other issues, there is a lot that can go wrong with the water coming into your home and out of your plumbing fixtures. For every problem, though, there is an appropriate solution. No matter what may go wrong with the water that you rely upon so much, you can trust our water treatment system experts to improve matters by installing and servicing a great water treatment system in your home.

Do You Need Professional Air Conditioning Services in Stagecoach, TX?

Even calling our summer weather brutally hot is putting it mildly. If you have lived in this area for any amount of time, then you already know just how necessary it is to invest in a high–quality air conditioning system. It really doesn’t matter how great your AC is, though, if you do not pair that system with great AC services. All air conditioners require professional installation, replacement, repair and maintenance services if they are to live up to their full potential. When you schedule your air conditioning services with our fine technicians, you can always count on that level of service quality.

We Offer Indoor Air Quality Products and Services

Do you need a dehumidifier or a humidifier installed in your home in order to balance the indoor humidity? Do you want to clean up the air that you breathe day and night throughout your home by using an appropriate air purifier? No matter what it is that you need to clean up the air that surrounds you in your living space, our air quality experts can handle the job. We even offer thorough, professional duct cleaning services.

Are You Looking for Quality Heating Services in Stagecoach, TX?

Don’t let the intense heat of the summer months fool you, long and arduous as they may be; you are going to have to turn your home heating system on eventually. When you do, you need to know that your heater will function effectively, efficiently and reliably. By scheduling your heating installation, replacement, repair and maintenance services with us, you can guarantee this to be the case. Don’t trust just anyone with anything as important as your heating services. Dial our number and warm your home with great results.

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Water leak on Friday before the 4th of July. All fixed !!

I am very pleased with your work.

Ramon R.

Ramon R.

repaired two water lines, one 1/2 and one 3/4

Near Surrey Ln, Stagecoach, TX 77355