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Improving indoor air quality for homes can involve a number of different techniques. Cleaning air ducts, sealing ductwork leaks, and installing different types of mechanical filters and electronic air purifiers are among the most common methods of keeping harmful contaminants from floating through the air of a home. However, most of these methods will do little good against biological pollutants. To deal with these problems, a home needs the power of a UV air purifier.

Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling is the place to come when you need installation or other services for UV air purifiers. We will find the best UV lights to handle the conditions in your home and give you the healthiest air possible. Call us today in Spring, TX to arrange for service, and we will see that you and your family receive the exceptional air quality that you deserve.

The indoor air quality specialists at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling offer quality UV air purifier services in Spring, TX and the surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Why You May Benefit from a UV Air Purifier

Many different kinds of unhealthy pollutants can find their way into a home’s HVAC system: dust, pollen, lint, dust mites, smoke, formaldehyde, etc. But there are few contaminants worse than biological ones. These include toxic mold spores, viruses, and microbacteria.

Unfortunately, biological infestations are difficult to remove, and standard air filters and electronic air purifiers can make little headway against them. Chemical treatment can eliminate them, but this has the side effect of adding new pollutants into the air. The best method of thoroughly destroying mold and microbacteria while keeping a home safe is to have UV air purifiers (a.k.a. UV germicidal lights) integrated into the HVAC system.

How UV Germicidal Lights Work

The operation of UV air purifiers is actually simple: They are ultraviolet lights fit into an HVAC system so they fully bathe an area where air must pass. The high-frequency ultraviolet light destroys cellular material, stripping away the nuclei of cells and preventing them from reproducing, rendering them inert. This same technology has been in use for decades in medicine to treat various ailments and to prevent illnesses from spreading through the ventilation system of hospitals.

If properly installed into an HVAC system, a UV air purifier will pose no danger to anyone in the household. The lights only affect the harmful material moving through the ducts and will not leave any residue that will lower air quality. The lights will silently and unobtrusively do their jobs of protecting your family’s health.

Contact Us for UV Air Purifier Installation & Other Services in Spring, TX

You cannot install a UV air purification system on your own; it requires the skill of professionals experienced with both HVAC systems and indoor air quality. You will also need professionals to occasionally repair and maintain the air purifiers so they continue to perform their valuable function.

Give the team at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling a call today to find out more about our services for indoor air quality in general and UV germicidal lights in particular. We will locate the right installation to serve your home and household with comfort and excellent health.

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