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Superior Duct Cleaning in Spring, TX

Duct cleaning is a process by which a trained technician pulls the dust, dirt, and other contaminants out of your duct system. And air duct cleaning service—especially one provided by the experts at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling—can be a vital move in keeping your home clean and comfortable for you and your family. In Spring, TX, indoor air quality is a significant concern. Dust is common in our air and our high humidity levels in the summertime can lead to mold and bacteria growth in all kinds of hidden corners. Your ducts are tucked away in crawlspaces and the attic, and dust and dirt build-up can happen very quickly. A trained technician can get rid of all of that and make sure your air remains clean. Call us today to hear more about what our duct cleaning service can do for you!

Signs You Need Duct Cleaning

1. Dust on your air vents - If you're seeing dust on the outside of your air vents, open them up and take a look inside with a flashlight. If your air vents are affected it's more than likely the inside of your air ducts are also dirty and you should call in our duct cleaning technicians.

2. Foul smells - As cooling air requires quite a bit of condensation, there's often excess moisture laying around inside your ductwork. What can happen as a result of this is mold or mildew growth and that will cause a serious stench that's fairly noticeable.

3. Suffering indoor air quality - If you're noticing an uptick in dust proliferating throughout your indoor air environment, call in our Spring duct cleaning experts. Dust accumulates over time from your HVAC units and from the outside so this is a natural occurrence that requires some housekeeping every once in a while.

4. Strange noises - Sometimes bugs or pests might get in the innards of our duct work and make themselves feel like home there. When in doubt, trust your instincts because other than the occasional sounds of your treated air your ductwork should remain relatively silent.

5. Poor HVAC performance - If you're not getting the same amount of treated air, it might not be your AC but maybe it's your ductwork. When in doubt, we'll preform inspections for you to see what's at fault if your airflow is any different than what it used to be.

Contact Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling to set up an appointment for professional air duct cleaning in Spring, TX.

What Kinds of Problems Does Air Duct Cleaning Fix?

The trouble with dirt and bacteria building up in your ducts partially involves reduced air flow. Enough contaminants can clog the ducts to restrict air flow and force your air conditioner to work much harder than it should to do its job. If left untreated, that condition can cascade, creating repair issues in your air conditioner and costing you money out of pocket. Thankfully, that’s a fairly uncommon occurrence.

Much more common, however, is the way that dust in the ducts can be spread throughout your home every time the heater or air conditioner turns on. That reduces the overall quality of the air and can eventually lead to health problems in your home. Our area often has a high dust content in the air, which makes this a significant concern for local homeowners.

How Does Air Duct Cleaning Work?

Duct cleaning begins with a fan placed at the apex of the duct system, followed by all of the ducts save one being sealed. The technician then attaches a vacuum system to the remaining ducts, which acts to pull all of the dust and contaminants out of the duct system. "Touch up" work can them be performed around the vents themselves to clean up and lingering contaminants. The process allows the entire system to be cleaned including any of those difficult-to-reach areas of the ducts. Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling has considerable experience with these matters and can perform effective duct cleaning in any home.

What Does Effective Air Duct Cleaning Mean?

Effective air duct cleaning starts with the simple ability to do the job. That is, it needs to get the contaminants out of your system and allow you to run your heater or air conditioner with clean air circulating through it. But beyond that, it needs to take place with the utmost concern for your home and property.

The technician should dress in appropriate clothes that don’t spread dust around your home and the operation should be completed with no leftover mess for you to clean up. In Spring, TX, the duct cleaning experts at Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling have the skills to clean your air ducts properly. But more importantly, they have the courtesy to do so without dirtying up your household and leave the place just as pristine as they found it.

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