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Is the heater in your home barely heating you up when it gets cold? Stop shivering and piling on jackets in your own house! Instead, get your heater fixed by the trusted team in Spring: Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling.

For more than 30 years, our company has been in business and making our customers happy thanks to our five-star services. We handle each job as if we were servicing our own home because we value your comfort just as much as we do our own. Plus, we have technicians on staff who hold special licenses from statewide organizations, like the Texas Department of Labor Regulations. With their advanced industry knowledge and training, you can trust that your heater repair job will always be done right the first time.

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Why Your Heater Might Need Repair

Sooner or later, even the best heater on the market will experience defects and break down. You can use routine maintenance to help reduce the chances of your heating system breaking, but you cannot eliminate the chance entirely. What is important is who you let repair your heater when it does need some attention.

Go with our team for your heater repair in Spring, TX and you will always know your heater is in good hands. No matter why your heating system has stopped working, we can get it up and running again with our comprehensive training and plumbing equipment.

Five common reasons why we are called for heater repairs:

  • Pilot light malfunctions: If your heater uses a pilot light as an ignition source, the root of the problem with your heater could be it. We can inspect your heater thoroughly to find the issue and make repairs as needed.
  • Blower motor malfunctions: Certain heating systems use a blower motor to push warm air through ventilation ducts around the house. A defect with the blower motor can shut down the entire system.
  • Thermostat glitches: Your heating system is controlled by your thermostat, which you trust to always work well. If there is a glitch with your thermostat, it could render the entire heating system unusable.
  • Dirty air filters: Oftentimes, a heater stops working or runs poorly due to dirty air filters throughout the system. Our heater repair technicians can inspect, clean, and replace air filters as needed so you don’t have to bother with it.
  • Older system: It might be possible that your heater is simply getting too old to continue running as it once did. We would be happy to see if you should be considering repairs or a system replacement, whichever would be most cost-effective in the long run.

Servicing Different Types of Heating Systems

You don’t have to call around to try to find an HVAC service company who can repair your heater, not when Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling is here! We have a full team of service technicians who can work on all types of heating systems. No matter what keeps your home warm, we can keep it working through comprehensive repairs.

Three of the most common heating systems that we service are:

  • Furnaces: A furnace is a heating system that works by burning some sort of combustible fuel, given that it is a gas furnace. Electric furnaces use electricity to heat conductive elements, instead. Once the air inside a furnace reaches a set temperature, a blower motor engages to move it through connected air ducts.
  • Boilers: A boiler uses hot water, as the name implies, to generate heat. Boilers are usually connected to your home’s gas main to provide a combustible fuel that heats the water. The hot water flows to radiators throughout your home or through pipes hidden in the flooring and walls to distribute heat throughout your home.
  • Heat pumps: As the name implies, a heat pump is a heating system that transfers heat from one location to another. Most commonly, an external portion of the heat pump system is located outside, where it can pull heat from the ambient air before exchanging it via a compressor and an indoor coil. Even when the temperature outside drops, there is often enough remnant heat from the day to let a heat pump work within desirable temperature ranges.

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When your heating system is malfunctioning, you will want it repaired as soon as possible. The longer a defect or malfunction persists, the worse it will get. For quick and professional heater repairs, you know who to call: Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling! We keep a flexible service schedule so we can be there to help you without delay.

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