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Your plumbing system is long and complex, but when you break it down to very simple terms, there are two sides to the system: the supply side, which brings in your potable water, and the return side, which is the side that removes and expels the wastewater. The return-side plumbing all leads to one major pipe: your sewer or septic line. And the way the vast majority of wastewater gets to these lines is via your drains. When there are problems with either your drains or your sewer line, you will have issues draining the wastewater from your home. The good news is that the plumbing experts from Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling are on hand 24/7 to help you with all of your drain and sewer needs, including installation, repair, replacement and annual maintenance. Call us today and let our experts keep your sewer and drain lines healthy!

Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling offers expert drain and sewer services throughout the Spring, TX area! Call us today to schedule a service appointment.

Why Do My Drains Need Maintenance?

Drain maintenance means a couple of things. First, it means that as the homeowner, you make sure you don’t put things down your drains that can cause clogs. Materials that can easily clog drains are fats, oils, and grease (FOG); large food particles; and flushing items down your toilet that don’t belong there. The second aspect of drain maintenance is scheduling your plumbing system for annual maintenance with a Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling expert. Why are both kinds of maintenance important? Because they keep your drains in good working order, efficient and reliable.

How Does a Sewer Line Get Clogged?

Your sewer line is a pretty rugged line, but it isn’t made to handle everything; simply put, it’s made to handle wastewater and sewage.

Here are the most common ways a sewer line can become clogged:

  • Tree roots – It may be icky to think about, but your sewer line can be a water source for trees. Tree roots are surprisingly strong, and they can and will infiltrate your sewer pipe to get at the water inside.
  • Mud – Dirt should not be inside your pipes, but it can get there from small cracks. Mud does not wash away like other kinds of sediment, and in fact, will create a clog if there’s enough of it.
  • Inappropriate items – As mentioned above, toilets and drains can be used to flush down items that should not be in your plumbing system. Items like candy wrappers, paper, and small plastic items should never be sent into your plumbing system.
  • FOG – fats, oils, and grease congeal in your pipes; running hot water only pushes the FOG further because all it does is melt FOG, it doesn’t remove it.

    We Offer Comprehensive Drain & Sewer Services in Spring, TX

    Whether you need annual maintenance, repair, replacement or new installation, Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling is the place to call for all of your sewer and drain needs. We bring over 30 years’ worth of experience to every job we do, so you can rest assured that when you work with our experts, you are working with pros who can truly handle your needs.

    Drain Cleaning

    When your drains become clogged with soap residue, hair, and FOG (fats, oils, grease), you can rest assured that our plumbing professionals can get your drains back into great shape with our professional drain cleaning services. Having problems with a clogged sewer or water line? Let our experts clear your main lines with minimal intrusion.

    Drain Repair

    If any of your drains have been damaged, or have extensive corrosion, they’ll need to be replaced. Our licensed plumbing professionals will locate the problem and repair the issue(s) quickly, effectively, and correctly the first time around.

    Hydro Jetting

    Hydro jetting is akin to having your pipes cleaned by a power washer. Using water at a high rate of speed, our experts can cut through just about anything in your pipes – even tree roots. The best thing about hydro jetting is that it can’t damage your pipes when handled by a trained professional.

    Pipeline Inspection

    Your plumbing system is made up of a number of pipes, and these pipes take a beating. The best way to assess what kind of shape your home’s pipes are in is by scheduling a pipeline inspection with our experts. We’ll thoroughly inspect all the pipes in your home, as well as the water-using appliances, to ensure that your plumbing system works optimally.

    Sewage Pump

    The sewage in your home uses the laws of gravity to remove effluent, but sometimes it isn’t possible to do this. In these cases, your home will need a sewage pump, and we are the experts who can help you with the installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance of your sewage pump. Call us for details.

    Sewer Cleaning

    Your sewer line can become clogged with mud, FOG, or even trees roots. When your sewer line is clogged, serious problems can develop, so it’s imperative to have the line cleaned. Let our experts help with this with our expert sewer cleaning services.

    Sewer Lines

    Do you have a new home that needs to be connected to the city sewer, or is your existing sewer line compromised in some way? We offer new sewer line installation services, line replacement services, or maintenance, and repair.

    Storm Drainage

    During our rainy season, we can accumulate literally inches of rain in a few short hours. This kind of water accumulation can create flooding in your basement and on other areas of your property. With proper storm drainage installed correctly by the Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling experts, you won’t have to worry about stormwater going anywhere but into your sewer.

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