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How to Bubble Bath Without a Backed Up Drain

After a long day at work, nothing beats taking a nice relaxing bath to help calm down. We know nothing can be more comforting than a bubble bath after a long day, but before you go setting up your bubble bath, you might be surprised that some everyday items for creating a relaxing bath experience could be causing your drains to clog. Here are some ways to avoid dealing with a messy clogged drain when setting up that bubble bath.

Bubble Bath Care

Bath bombs are fun and relaxing ways to make your bubble bath even more relaxing, but often we notice homeowners say that their drains get slower after a few bath bombs. Bath is in the name, so why are these products so damaging to pipes? With bath bombs, you can have an issue with oils in your bath bomb that can clog your drain. If there is something you want to avoid seeping into your drains, as the minute these oils cool down, you are dealing with nasty gunk that will slow down your drains.

Before throwing a bath bomb into your tub, make sure you have a drain cover to catch any smaller debris from clogging up your drain. When choosing a bubble bath product, the unfortunate reality is that prolonged use will cause drain clogs due to the buildup of oil and sediments that can accumulate in your drains.

Preventing Clogs

While the best way to prevent clogs is not to use bubble bath products often, that is just not going to happen because we all want to relax from time to time. So the best thing you can do after your bubble bath is clean your drains to avoid your drains from forming clogs. Avoid using drain cleaners as the harsh chemicals can be damaging to your pipes. Instead, use a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and hot water to help flush out your drains and stop any buildup of oils.

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