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Ways to Stay Cool for Less During the Summer

6 Ways to Stay Cool for Less During a Texas Summer

As we know, staying comfortable during the summer in Texas can be quite a bit of a challenge. And while you can rely on your central air conditioning system around the clock to keep you comfortable, you may want to consider giving it a break now and then — especially since this can help save on your overall energy consumption.

If you're looking to stay cool in the most efficient ways possible, here are a few of the many ways you can accomplish this with the utmost ease:

1. Opt for a Smart Thermostat

A game-changer for many central air conditioning systems is a smart thermostat. Unlike your traditional make or model, this "learning thermostat" will act as your home's assistant for cooling-related matters.

For instance, thanks to its integrated climate control technology, this device will learn from your history of cooling settings — providing you with a custom cooling schedule you'll be sure to love.

Another perk about a smart thermostat is you'll be maximizing your savings — since your cooling system won't be running around the clock nor working harder than it has to in an effort to keep you as comfortable as can be.

2. Cook Outdoors More Often

While there's a chance you may be doing this already, on the hottest days of the year, consider cooking your meals in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, when you whip up a meal on the stove or in the oven, the appliance will provide radiant heat — meaning that it has the power to make your home hotter than it has to be (and your AC will work overtime to combat it).

Cooking on the grill will help keep your home comfortable since any heat emitted from the grill will be distributed into thin air — it won't be trapped within the walls of your home. Now, if you're crunched for time or would rather not have a midweek barbeque with your family, consider supporting a local small business and order takeout for the night!

3. Replace Your Air Filter

While the task is easily forgotten, replacing your air filter often is the perfect solution to keeping your home cool as efficiently as possible. As it turns out, this essential piece blocks airborne particles and contaminants from having the chance to travel through your home's ductwork and be redistributed.

Another thing to consider — when you have an old air filter in place, it will unevenly distribute cold air throughout your home. As a result, your air conditioner will have to work twice as hard to make up for the temperature difference. And if your central air conditioner hasn't been maintained annually or you put off a much-needed repair call, there's a chance the extra work your system is putting in can lead to its demise.

To help cut back on energy consumption and keep your air conditioner in pristine condition, you'll want to consider replacing your air filter about every 30 to 60 days — but the more regularly you replace it, the more efficient your system will operate.

4. Run Your Ceiling Fan Counterclockwise

If you have ceiling fans in your home, you may want to consider turning them on and examining how the blades are rotating. If they're spinning in a clockwise direction, turn them off, wait until the blades have fully stopped rotating, and switch the direction to counterclockwise.

Having your ceiling fans rotate in a counterclockwise direction will help move any cold air produced by your central air conditioning system to be evenly distributed around the room. This is ideal because it will help your central cooling system work much more efficiently, limiting the number of times you'll feel inclined to fidget with the thermostat.

5. Take a Cold Shower

If you feel as if the heat is unbearable, consider taking a cold shower. While cold showers aren't very comforting, they can help lower your body's core temperature — making you feel much more comfortable when the sun's rays are at their strongest.

Now, if you prefer to skip the cold shower, you can always opt for a cold bath or even consider taking a dip in the pool — make sure to wear a hat and seek shade the minute you step out of your aquatic focal point.

6. Keep Window Treatments Shut

Do you have a room or two in your home that gets pelted by the sun's rays throughout the day? While it's always comforting to have natural light pour into your home, those beams can heat it from the inside — which will cause your central air conditioner to go into overdrive.

In a conscious effort to prevent excess heat from entering your humble abode, consider keeping the window treatments shut in rooms with the strongest rays. Not only will this help reduce the chance of a temperature increase, but you'll also be saving your flooring and furnishings from gradual fading.

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