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Protect Your Plumbing from Movember

Thousands of men around the world decide to grow their mustaches in November to raise awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer. Movember, as it’s called, supports cancer research and mental health initiatives, and encourages men to start smart, preventive health routines.

If you’re one of these hirsute gentlemen, you might be wondering how to get a close shave without clogging your plumbing system come December. Here are some tips:

1. Install a Mesh Drain Protector

Be a smart “Mo Bro” and install a drain protector in the sink or shower. These plastic and metal drain protectors are designed to fit over your shower or sink drains, preventing your trimmings from being flushed into your plumbing system. They are a great option for men who are celebrating Movember as well as those who share a household plumbing system with others throughout the year.

2. Make Your Own Drain Cover

If you forget to buy a drain protector before December 1, don’t despair. A dryer sheet is a good alternative! Lay down a dryer sheet over your drain before you shave. The shaved hairs will collect on the sheet and not in your plumbing.

3. Shave Over the Sink with a Bucket

Are you unwilling to waste a dryer sheet for your December shave? Place a small bucket in your sink. Wipe hair shavings from the bucket into your trash bin.

Already have a severe clog this Movember? Don’t make matters worse by adding to the clog with more hair or using chemical drain cleaners to clear your lines. Contact Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling at (281) 645-5905 for a professional drain cleaning service that gets to the root cause of a hairy plumbing situation.