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Is HVAC Maintenance Necessary?

“Is HVAC maintenance necessary?” Try asking a Texas homeowner whose AC shut down in the middle of the night when service was hard to come by. Or perhaps you should check with the homeowner who heard strange sounds from their HVAC unit and let it go until the unit was completely destroyed.


Like all appliances, your HVAC unit requires maintenance. These systems are strong and can last up to 15 years when they’re taken care of. In fact, many operate nonstop for months. However, your HVAC unit is a machine and operates better when it receives regular service.


Why Is Maintenance Necessary?


HVAC units are used year-round, which give them a lot of time to break down. Fans can become damaged by twigs or slowed by debris. The unit might develop bad tubing and drains can become filled with trash. Units operated by gas require servicing as oil and other materials might also leak. Techs check thermostats, filters, and coils, and can show you how to manage your unit for a smooth operation.


Preventative maintenance is important, but post-season maintenance is just as important (if overlooked). Having a professional check your HVAC unit after a cold winter prevents your unit from crashing after working overtime to heat your home during icy conditions. A well-maintained HVAC keeps the weather outside from taking over your home. You can save on utility bills when your system is healthy and working at its peak. Then, once winter rolls around again, you’ll avoid the possibility of your water pipes freezing due to lack of heat in your home.


Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

Neutralizes Health Threats

There are many health-destroying culprits in a home environment. One of the most undesirable threats is carbon monoxide. This gas is silent and deadly. An unkept heating unit could transmit toxic fumes into your home. Protect against carbon monoxide and other harmful threats by maintaining your unit with regular service checks from a professional who can catch any dangerous issues before they become deadly.


Keeping your HVAC in good working order removes dust from the air and can help regulate humidity in your home. A well-built home is energy efficient and allows very little air from the outside into your home (other than what you control from opening windows and doors). A well-sealed home will retain heat in winter and cool air in summer.


It is possible to control the environment in your home with an efficient HVAC unit. It circulates warm and cold air by using a blower and transferring air through ducts. If members of your family suffer from allergies, you know the importance of clean air. HEPA filters and other air purification systems can help keep allergens from taking over your home and will keep your family breathing the best air possible.

Keeps Your System More Efficient

When your HVAC unit is clean and all parts are working as they should, your appliance does not work as hard which can help it last longer. Having your unit serviced allows a technician to check any problems that exist and to prevent any that could occur in the future.


Hot, humid nights and cold winter evenings with heavy snow are the worst times for HVAC unit failures. Loose parts and pieces worn down from heavy use could require replacements. If you don’t get the service you need in time, it can lead to a system that doesn’t work at peak efficiency (or at all). Regular maintenance can prevent a breakdown in the midst of harsh heat waves and icy winters—when your heating and cooling systems are in heavy use.


If you neglected to have your heating system serviced chances are you aren’t alone. There’s no time like the present to schedule your post-season HVAC maintenance. Be sure to contact Milton Frank Plumbing & Cooling for HVAC servicing today!